1992 Cummins Diesel pickup

I bought this truck in 2001 when I was working for a friend’s heavy equipment company. He had me an a 1974 Ford service truck, which sucked, so I bought my own truck. I got it off Ebay for $7,000 and drove it back from Paducah, Kentucky in exactly 48 hours time (4 hours was sleep). The truck had 106,000 miles at that time and everything worked (though the front tires were badly out-of-balance).

This was my work truck for 2 years so I wrote it off my taxes as a business related expense. When I left that job, I offered it to my buddy for $5500, which I thought was a deal considering (at the time) it still had all of his company logos on it. But he turned me down, so I de-stickered it and sold it on Ebay for that price.


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