Ignorance is bliss

Earlier today I was reading comments about a car that was for sale, and someone had made a comment about the engine that was in this car. I pointed out his mistake, saying that there was another engine that was also available in that car.

And that’s when the shit-storm started.

He felt it necessary to insult me, which I answered with more logic to disprove his statement.

So he insulted me again.

And then he asked a very important question: “What’s your angle here?

So I thought about it, I don’t have any angle for or against the car itself; hell I don’t even like that model. I was merely trying to educate someone by showing their error.

And I suppose that’s my mistake – thinking I can teach the unteachable.

Then I was reminded of some lyrics from an Audioslave song, “I am the Highway“:

Friends and liars
Don’t wait for me
Cause I’ll get on
All by myself
I put millions of miles
Under my heels
And still too close
To you, I feel, yeah

So I quietly left the conversation and he probably thinks he’s “won”. Good for him.

Life is too short for stupidity. Don’t try to tackle any more than your own.

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Just STOP already!

You bitch about having to pick up after me, yet 5 minutes later I had to clean up your drunken mess. Stop being a hypocrite.

You nagged about me being ill and sleeping in our bed, which could possibly make you ill. Then you nagged when I went down stairs to try and sleep on the couch. You don’t get to nag at both of these. BTW – I was ill from a sinus irritation from sandblasting all day. Yes, it’s my fault I’m ill because I did not wear a respirator or a dust mask. NO, you can’t catch this, unless you want to do some sandblasting too. Stop nagging.

How many times are you going to cry yourself to sleep because your drunken stupor does not allow you to see the world as it really is? How many times am I going to make sure you get in bed and tuck you in? Stop being a willfully ignorant.

I keep waiting for you to hit rock bottom, but for you, there is no “bottom”, because I am always there to pick you up. What are you going to do when something actually bad happens? Your parents are old and getting feeble, our dog is not going to live forever; but death is a natural part of life. Stop ignoring reality.

And then there’s the possibility of external shit-hitting-the-fan. Car accident? Those happen sometimes. One of your kids or grand-kids might have something major go awry in their life? Can you be strong enough to help them through it? Stop being upset over trivial shit.

I am currently working 5 and a half days per week. You work 5 half-days. And yet you complain that we don’t have enough. I generally live by the rule that if you don’t make enough money between 8 & 5 to pay the bills, then you have too many bills. But you don’t see life this way. You work as a bookkeeper, yet I am the one that has to straighten out the checkbook every month. Stop spending money like it grows on trees.

Life is all about making choices and dealing with the consequences of those choices. Stop making poor choices.


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‘Till Death Do Us Part

A friend of mine had an interesting idea – “It should be tougher to get married and easier to get divorced“. She also said that “Marriage should be like a contract that’s reviewed and renewed yearly“. Keep in mind that she was in an “open relationship” with her husband, and at that time, I was her “boy-toy”.

So last night I was lying in bed, trying to get past the insomnia and get some sleep when these ideas worked to keep me awake. Not sure how coherent this post will be after about 3 hours sleep, but here goes.

My first marriage was very traditional – it was at a church, I was in a rented tux, she had bought an expensive & otherwise useless dress, we had a casual reception afterwards, and everyone had tied empty cans to the bumper of my car. Family had flown in from across the country but little did anyone know that the entire ceremony was happening because my bride was pregnant. We had attended that church maybe twice, just enough to get to use the church for the wedding. Some of the distant relatives were never heard from before nor after the wedding. And years later, after I filed for a divorce, I blacked out all of the people from her side of the family from the photos of that day. Like I said, very “traditional”.

You know things aren’t going good when you consider getting your marriage annulled within the first year. It’s even worse when you honestly think about finding a way to end the other person’s life rather than just splitting up. About a year after our son was born, my wife had a miscarriage and her doctor had scheduled her for a D&C on the following Monday morning. (Why they didn’t just do it right then, I’ll never understand) But her body couldn’t wait through the weekend, so that Friday night she said she was bleeding and needed to go to the hospital *NOW*. She clenched a towel between her legs and walked to our truck as I got our son bundled up and in the car seat. About a mile from our apartment we came to a red light. I thought long and hard about which way to turn – right, and we drive about 30 miles to the hospital where our son was born; or left, and we drive a few miles to the local hospital. It was late and there was no other traffic on the road, but that red light seemed to take an eternity. I got the green and make the morally correct choice to turn left and go to the local hospital. After she was admitted, the doctor told me that she had lost 3 units of blood on the drive over.

A few years later there was another incident which prompted me to consider ending her life, and I’ve written about that in another post entitled “The voice of God?“, so I won’t rehash it again here. This shows how far some people will go when they think they are out of options.

My second wedding was smaller and took place at a casino in Sparks, Nevada. We had bought a “wedding package” that included the room, a limo ride to the state license office, and a quickie marriage with an officiant in the tiny room that was set up for just such occasions. The reception was held at the casino’s buffet and just like my first wedding, I paid for everything.

Why am I writing this? Hell, I don’t know. It’s Christmas Eve and I just needed to vent.

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Apparently, I'm an idiot…

“Where are you? You know the kids are here!”
“I knew they were coming today, I did not know they were HERE.”
“Yes you did, I told you this morning!”
“You did not, we haven’t talked all day. I’m leaving work right now. I’ll be home in 5 minutes.”
Apparently, I’m a lousy mind reader…….

(She plops wet dog food on top of the dry dog food that’s already in the bowl)
“This is all I do.”
Apparently, I don’t know how to feed the dog……

“I got the cheesecake you wanted, plus I got a piece of pumpkin cheese cake for me.”
“What, you didn’t get a piece for me?”
“You don’t like pumpkin cheesecake.”
“That’s not the point!”
Apparently, I don’t know how to buy cheesecake……

“That’s not enough food for you.”
“It’s plenty, dear. Besides, I’ve got a few extra pounds on me and I won’t starve overnight.”
Apparently, I don’t know how to feed myself……

(As I set up the vacuum cleaner in the living room)
I usually start at that end” (she points to the left side of the rug)
Apparently I don’t know how to run the vacuum cleaner….

“Can you turn the heater on?”
“Sure” (I click it on as I walk down the hall)
I hear the door open, then shut again
Apparently I can’t flip a switch properly…..

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The Skeptics Creed

One of my favorite podcasts, “Cognitive Dissonance“, closes out every program with these simple words, ones that we can all learn by:

Credulity is not a virtue
it’s fortune cookie cutter
mommy issue hypno babylon bullshit

couched in scientician
double bubble toil and trouble
pseudo quasi alternative accu punctuating

pressurized stereogram pyramidal
free energy healing watered downward

spiral brain deadpan sales pitch late night infodocutainment

Leo Pisces cancer-cures
detox reflex foot massage
death and towers tarot cards
psychic healing crystals balls
bigfoot yeti aliens
churches mosques and synagogues
temples dragons giant worms
atlantis dolphins truthers birthers witches wizards vaccine-nuts
shaman healers evangelists conspiracy doublespeak stigmata nonsense

expose your sides
thrust your hands
bloody, evidential, conclusive

Doubt even this.

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Capitalism makes you selfish

Our so-called “economy” is a system that makes every participant want to buy every item just for themselves, even if it means that item is sitting idle for the majority of the time. Think about it – how often do you really use that miter saw that’s in your shed? But are you willing to loan it out to your neighbor if he needs to cut some 2x4s? Maybe, maybe not. But if you do and he forgets to return it, guaranteed that you’ll get upset; because it’s YOURS. Maybe you need to cut some wood, or maybe not; it’s still YOURS and dammit you worked hard to buy that saw and you want YOUR saw back.

And that’s just one small example in a world full of items that are (for the vast majority of them) all good examples of a world gone awry. Manufacturers make items that only last a given amount of time, thus guaranteeing that you will eventually be forced to buy another one. Advertising and marketing push items into our lives whether we need them or not. And then some items are purposefully destroyed in order to keep the price of the remaining items artificially high.

On the other hand, how would this system continue if people shared what they had? It wouldn’t. And that’s why a completely new system would be needed. Assuming of course that enough people agreed that the old system was flawed and needed to be replaced.

A library can loan out books and literature but what would the world be like if this type of service was available for every type of item? How would a “store” function if it loaned out items rather than selling them?

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The Double Whammy

I honestly thought it was impossible to top the Mother Of All Leg Cramps, but last night my body proved me wrong. Over the course of the evening, I had drunk abot 1 liter of root beer and no alcohol. But at my usual 11:00 PM when I got up from the couch, BOTH of my legs cramped up, starting from the inner hip joints and culminating just above the knees. The pain was so intense, I could not straighten either leg, leaving me to hobble to the kitchen to try and get some water. After a small drink, I tried to straighten my legs while massaging the cramps, but nothing was helping. The cramps were slightly better with my legs more bent than straight, and since I needed to go pee, I hobbled slowly to the downstairs 1/2 bath and tried to relax sitting on the toilet. Eventually the cramps subsided and I was able to walk out like a normal person, 30 minutes after the cramps first started.

I got another drink of water and went to bed. Later that night, I had to get out of bed twice because I could feel the cramps starting a little bit again. I ended up sleeping on the couch while ignoring the TV through my eyelids.

Note to self: Getting old is bad enough without this type of self-sabotage. Please stop.

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