(K)no(w) Justice, (K)no(w) Peace

Most of my blog posts are a stuttering, mental wreck of ideas and thoughts that crash together like a slow-motion train wreck that you just can’t stop watching for fear of missing something remotely useless. Today probably isn’t any better, but here goes — All Aboard!

After the murder of Martin Luther King Jr, riots broke out all over the country, mostly in large cities; in poor, mostly black, neighborhoods. One of these was in the section of Washington D.C. called Anacostia. It was 1968, and many buildings were burned and left charred. One year later, in August 1969, my parents rented an old farm house for cheap in Oxon Hills, Maryland, which was just a stone’s throw from Anacostia. I remember seeing the burned buildings and it took many years for the area to be rebuilt. It looked like a war zone and definitely made an impact on my developing elementary school brain.

Our house was flanked by 2 gas stations, set back from the road, and accessible only by a tiny driveway. For the most part, it was a quiet sanctuary away from the world up the street.

The school I attended for grades K – 5 was predominantly black and the school bus was full of black kids from one of the projects. Me, my sisters, and one other neighbor’s kids were the only children on that bus that were not from that project. Our bus stop was the local liquor store.

It’s the perfect opportunity for racism to work it’s way into a young man’s mind, but I work diligently, even today, to keep those thoughts from changing the core beliefs of who I am and how I treat others. I am better than all that.

But this post is not about me.

Riots happen because anger builds over time, then boils over. MLK pushed for peaceful protests because he knew that violence was not the method for true change. If you resort to violence, then the police and government will respond with more violence and trust me, THEY are much better at violence than you are. All of the rioting after MLK’s death was the exact OPPOSITE of what he wanted; but it’s tough to think logically when a “mob mentality” is running the show.

In 1976, when M. F. Weiner wrote an article in the journal Medical Economics entitled “Don’t Waste a Crisis — Your Patient’s or Your Own.” Weiner meant by this that a medical crisis can be used to improve aspects of personality, mental health, or lifestyle. It would appear that many people within any movement, as well as some people outside of any movement, use the beginning of this saying to further their own particular agenda. This has been shown before and once again appeared during the recent riots in Minneapolis.

I do hope that justice will be served in the murder of George Floyd, but I don’t think that the charges of 3rd degree murder match the crime committed. I also hope that the rioters will stop to see that their actions are not helping the situation; in fact, making it worse. And their anger will boil over again if/when the police officers involved are found innocent.

All this is what the government wants. They want you mad, they want you destroying other people’s business and lives, they want you lashing out like an animal backed into a corner. They want you doing the dirty work, to each other, because of each other; so THEY can swoop in and save the day.

Don’t give them what they want. Be strong, be sane, be aware, and above all else, be better than them.

Protests over Minneapolis death go nationwide
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Technological unemployment

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Automation should be automatic. Anything less and you’re just shifting your efforts from one place to another. It’s like a friend of mine, who married a gal with 3 kids and then they had 3 more kids together. I told him “You’re just rotating your crops….. one is moving out of the house while another is moving out of diapers.

Think about this for a minute: the coronavirus pandemic has FORCED many businesses and schools to go fully on-line. Great, but what kept them from doing this BEFORE the pandemic? And after it passes, are they going to go back to face-to-face business? Are teachers going to be able to go back to teaching or will they all be replaced with Youtube videos? What if this is the new norm?

Robots and automation absolutely should be utilized to reduce the amount of work that humans need to do. That would free up our daily routines so that we can enjoy LIVING LIFE, which is what humans should be doing, daily. But we’re not, because we’re busy working daily, to earn money, to buy stuff (needed and un-needed), so we can eat and survive; only to go back to work tomorrow.

The real question now becomes: How do we change the value system we currently use so that we don’t start stacking up unemployed homeless dead people like firewood?

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Mechanical Shop

Variety is what keeps one going. When the body shop is getting on my nerves, I know it’s time to break up the monotony and do some mechanical work.

There never seems to be an end of things that need fixing….

John G’s Z28 needed some engine work, brake upgrade, suspension rebuild and a headliner.

Alan G’s ’67 GTX Race car had been parked for a few years. I got it running, mounted some new tires, and prepped it for sale. Unfortunately cancer took Alan before the car was sold.

Dennis A. needed an engine assembled…

Tony’s ’69 Monaco needed front & rear brake upgrades, plus color coordinated wheels.

Dan S. had a ’91 Spirit had been languishing at another shop for 7 years. I got it running, did some custom wiring, added Euro look lights & trim and made it road worthy.

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It still lives on!

Back in 2004, I bought a car from a (now former) friend of mine. The car was claimed to be one thing and seemed to have supporting paperwork to that claim. I ended up picking the paperwork apart and writing an article showing what I had found. In 2008 I sold the car, for the same amount that I bought if for, in the same pieces & boxes that I had bought it in, to another Mopar guy that I know. He put the car back together, using as many of the original parts as possible.

By chance, I saw the car for sale at the Hot August Nights car corral in Reno, Nevada back in 2017. One major flaw pops out in the first picture – it has a “Charger” emblem on the C pillar; the original car would have had a “Special Edition” emblem.

Note the text “Rebodied during restoration“.

It was sold at Barret-Jackson for $84,700 on Jan 20, 2019.

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What is “time”?

Most would think that time” is defined as “The measurement of natural existence from the past, to the present, and into the future“. It is expressed in terms of “years” which are counted by the number of times the earth orbits around the sun. Multiples of a year include “decade” (10), “century” (100), “millennium” (1000), and more. Fractions of a year include “month” (1/12), “day” (1/365), hours, minutes, seconds, etc. All of these measurements are relative to the earth (and everything on it) traveling around the sun. The Earth’s orbit is a constant that can be used to measure everything else against it.

Maps - The Earth's orbit around the Sun - Diercke International Atlas

The speed of light in a vacuum, commonly denoted c, is a universal physical constant, important in many areas of physics. Its exact value is defined as 299792458 meters per second (approximately 300000 kilometers/second, or 186000 miles/second). Notice that the speed of light incorporates a time measurement (“per second”) that is dependent on the Earth’s orbit.

A “light-year” is defined as: “The distance that light travels in a vacuum in one Julian year (365.25 days)”. It is a unit of length used to express astronomical distances and measures about 5.88 trillion miles. Because it includes the word “year”, the term “light-year” may be misinterpreted as a unit of time.

Will a vacuum affect how the speed of light travels? - Quora

But what happens if you’re not traveling around the sun? What if you are in a space ship, traveling through the galaxy, away from the Earth? The “time” you spend traveling is no longer connected to the one constant that you have previously measured everything by. Sure, “time” still moves in a forward direction and the human body continues to age, but does it age at the same pace as everyone else who is still lapping around the Sun? And how would you measure your “age” if you don’t have the Earth’s orbit as a frame of reference? Does your body “age” differently if you are traveling at different speeds?

What is the Speed of Light? - Universe Today
Quote If You Are In Spaceship That Is Traveling At The Speed Of ...

The human body has a natural “clock” called the Circadian Rhythm, which is an internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours. How does space travel affect the human body and it’s natural rhythm? If your body is not exposed to the cyclical change of traveling around the sun, would your Circadian rhythm change? Would the aging process slow down or possibly stop entirely?

Circadian Sleep Disorders Network

Every living thing has a certain “lifetime”. Cells in the human body are replaced through a process of “body rejuvenation”. Different cells are replaced at different rates, but overall it takes between 7 – 10 years to replace every cell with a new one. But it’s not a perfect process and your cells do decay over time. If we could stop this decay, the human body would last forever and “time” as we currently know it would be irrelevant.

Live Forever Young: Researchers Rejuvenate Old Human Senescent Cells

Sometimes “time” seems to slow down, like if you are in a car accident. I can tell you first hand that this is true. When I was 19, I was involved in a terrible car accident and while it was happening, everything seemed to move in slow motion. This change in how you perceive time is caused by a heightened sense of awareness through the inputs to your brain. Basically, your brain starts paying more attention to what it is seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling.

No photo description available.

With this current pandemic and people having to “shelter in place”, those of us who are still going to work have less work to perform. With nothing to do, time seems to drag on ever so slowly. Conversely, if you are busy with tasks, especially tasks that you don’t mind performing, time seems to speed up and the day can whiz by quite quickly.

It’s been said that time speeds up as you get older. This is because your frame of reference is greater. For example, if you tell a 4 year old child to wait until next Christmas for a present, that length of time is 1/4th their entire life. That’s a long time! However if you tell the same thing to a person who is in their 50’s, it a much smaller portion of their life. That fraction of their time will pass quickly.

Perception of Time vs. Age - Cheezburger - Funny Memes | Funny ...

So what is the overall lesson to be learned from this post? We all have a limited amount of time available, so use that time wisely; for each moment will never come back around to you. Inside every old person is a younger person wondering “Where did the time go?

Why it feels like time speeds up as you get older | indy100
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Words have meanings

If you use the wrong words or use them in the wrong way, other people will misinterpret what you are trying to convey. Not only do the words you use convey different meanings, HOW those words are used (tone & inflection), and your body language can also change the way your message is received.

This has a new, robust design” … This one word is so over-used today. What *exactly* does “robust” mean when talking about truck transmissions? Or pastries? Or anything else? Everyone needs to STOP using this word.

Yes, I know“…  Do you, really?? Claiming to “know” something implies that you understand those words and would abide by the rules that apply to the situation that this knowledge imparts to you. And if you were doing that, I would not have asked if you knew what you were doing. If you honestly “know” something, then you should be able to explain it back to me. If you can’t, then you are just parroting those words.

It’s a global pandemic” …. The word “pandemic” means an “epidemic” that affects all people (pan), but it could also mean “panic” + “epidemic”; which certainly seems fitting for what we have today. If the government would please stop using this word, they would help slow or stop the PANIC portion.

The other day at work, I ordered some parts for a job I was working on, and on the form where it said “Needed by”, I put ASAP. Today I checked on the ETA for those parts and my parts guy said they were coming by UPS ground. After talking to my boss about this problem, I was informed that the parts guy does not consider “ASAP” to be a ‘date’, thus he deemed them to be not important. Are. You. Fucking. Shittin’. Me? I hate playing word salad games, but if that’s what it’s come down to, then that’s the game we’ll play.

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Are you “essential”?

This pandemic has brought abut a new term to our daily language: “Essential workers”.

But who exactly is an “Essential worker”? The state of California issued a long list of who they consider to be an “essential worker”, yet there are some odd businesses that remain open, claiming to be essential. Liquor stores, self-serve auto junkyards, and on-line “return items sales” companies come to mind. And what about the stock market? It seems to be going as well as can be expected, but if everyone is “working from home”, then why do we still have the physical building for the NYSE?

And who is NOT an “essential worker”? Hair & nail salons, churches (can I get an amen!?!), furniture stores, stuff like that, right?

Auto repair shops are essential, but auto sales is not. Casinos are not essential, but their restaurants and gas aisles are. Go figure.

Police officers say “Blue lives matter”, African-Americans say “Black lives matter”, while pro-lifers say “ALL lives matter”. But capitalists would say that EVERYONE matters and is essential, because the only way this machine keeps moving is if we all keep it moving. And if the economy stops, how are they going to siphon money off the top?

What percentage of the population can see through the latest ruse? Are those same people labelled as “essential” so they can be kept at work, just busy enough to not see the big picture? Meanwhile, the non-essential folks are quietly culled off and their deaths are blamed on covid-19? Does the good doctor have his hands in the cure? Someone is going to make a buck and it’s not you or I…..

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