1969 Charger (SlantBert)

How do you make a Charger more rare than a Hemi car? Build it with a slant-6!

I bought this car from an old acquaintance of mine back in 1998. It’s a 1969 Charger, slant 6, automatic on the column, white interior with bucket seats and a fold-down arm rest. It was rough but I thought it would be a great driver. I paid $1000 for it but I considered it to be a $200 purchase and an $800 gift to a friend who needed it. I drove the car from L.A. to northern California and it averaged 19 MPG, which was really good when you consider how out of tune it really was.

I drove the car for a few years, then in 2004 I started digging into it. It had the typical rusty trunk floor & left 1/4 panel that most every Charger has. The right 1/4 panel had already been replaced at some point in the past (probably an accident, because it did not fit the door edge correctly).

I rebuilt the motor and had planned to do a “tasteful upgrade” by adding a turbocharger to help it along. I made the exhaust manifold and started to make the intake manifold.

After repairing the body and painting it, I had to move it aside to work on other (paying) jobs. Even though it was in a covered tent, the weather did some damage to the paint. I moved (yet again) and decided to sell the car as-is. The guy that bought the body did not want the engine because he was planning to do a 440 R/T clone.


I ended up selling the (rebuilt) long block engine to a farmer that had a walnut tree shaker that needed an engine.

UPDATE: Recently SlantBert popped up as an R/T clone with a Hemi & 4 speed…. 1969 Dodge Charger for sale #2443337 – Hemmings Motor News


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