1978 Dodge 4×4 (The Fridge)

One day I was at the local home improvement store, buying some sand or dirt (or hell, I dunno now). When I pulled in the parking lot, I saw this truck parked on the street with a for sale sign in the window. Come to find out, it belonged to the yard employee and he said it ran but had a bad engine. He fired it up once and it was screetching and squawking badly. I agreed to his $500 price and even got him to deliver it to my house 7 miles away.

It was a 440 Magnum, auto trans, divorced transfer case, Dana diffs front & back and had a cool tool box option built into the side of the bed. Originally it was light blue with a blue interior, but had been painted appliance white (thus it’s nick-name).

I had a hunch that the she screetching noise was not the engine and one quick inspection confirmed what I thought – the transmission was recently replaced and some of the flex-plate-to-torque-converter-bolts had come loose. I dropped the trans, found a flex plate from my part stash, and ended up replacing the torque converter because the threaded holes were ripped out ($69.95 at the trans parts warehouse I frequent).

I bought a set of take-off tires & wheels from a former co-worker who had put mag wheels on his brand new truck. I put the tires on The Fridge and sold the rims on Ebay. I think I had $200 in the tires when all was said & done. I honestly did not need the truck, so I sold it locally for $1200.


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