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Word Salad – “Death Wobble”

Death wobble (speed wobble, wiggle) is a condition when your vehicle shakes or oscillates uncontrollably. This can happen in a variety of vehicles and for several different reasons. Bicycle/motorcycle/trike – Death Wobble happens when the front handlebars swing uncontrollably from … Continue reading


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I Started with Nothing and Still Have Most of It

I have no illusions of grandeur; I know I’ll never be rich or wealthy. My biggest hope for retirement is winning the lottery, but I rarely buy tickets (usually only when it’s an outrageous amount of money), so it usually … Continue reading

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Book Report – The Grand Unified Theory of Bullshit

This book is from Cecil Cicirello and Tom Curry, the 2 podcasters that make the “Cognitive Dissonance” podcast, which is one of my favorites. Not every podcaster can jump to a printed medium, but these guys make it look so … Continue reading

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