Capitalism is separatism

In the stone ages, it was a dog-eat-dog world, with everyone killing everything just to survive. How many generations of life (in every various form) went by with nothing more to show than a dead body.

Now we have “evolved”, but the way we act and treat each other is basically the same, just thinly veiled by the institutions that we embrace.

Capitalism makes each of us think we need more “stuff” to fill those so-called empty voids in our lives. Your friend buys a new car, YOU need a new car. You decorate your house to impress other people when they come over to visit. A Sunday morning mass looks more like a fashion show than anyone actually trying to worship a deity.

SO why do we do this? Why do we continue to propagate the very ideas that keep us apart (as a race)?

If we’d only realize that trying to scratch & claw ahead of the next guy only induces him to do the same. If only we’d realize that trying to screw the next person almost guarantees that someone will screw you.

If only…


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