The Independence Day Massacre

Dateline – United States, July 4

While millions of Americans were at home celebrating their freedom from an oppressive regime hundreds of years before, a sinister plot was in place that no one had predicted. Terrorists, with intent to bring the country to its knees, had infiltrated one government agency with their devious intentions – they were hired as mail carriers to the United States Postal Service. While on the surface, this doesn’t seem like a weak point in the country or the chain of command, this position did give them something they always wanted – full access to every building in every city & town.

Armed with only a uniform and ID, mail carriers are allowed into buildings across the country, delivering letters and packages. They blend in, almost invisibly with the background and most security guards (if you building has one) will buzz them through without a second thought. Equipped with modern “suitcase nukes”, these mighty explosive devices fit in a typical medium sized box, thousands of which were quietly distributed throughout the targeted buildings, placed in storage rooms and offices where they blend in with the surroundings. Packing a mighty punch, only 1 such package is needed to take down even the mightiest of skyscrapers.

Included in the package was a small radio receiver, tucked inside a cell phone or other innocuous item. These were activated when local radio stations played the “1812 Overture” by Tchaikovsky, a favorite piece of music to choreograph fireworks displays to. So as the people waved their flags and watched “the bombs bursting in air”, the sounds of colorful explosions blended in with the sounds of destruction. Buildings were toppled, infrastructure was destroyed, and the terrorists had achieved what they had set out to do all along – to bring a mighty country down to their level.

It would be years before any sort of “recovery” took place. Overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the events, people were left stranded without the systems of infrastructure that their lives depended on. Only those who could fend for themselves, who could plant and grow food, who could survive off what little land was left untouched by the blasts, made it through to the future; a future that was forever changed.


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No, I’m not talking about the band by that name, nor am I talking about a passionate embrace, I’m talking about the ideal that so many people seem to overlook…. Keep It Simple Stupid .

How is it that so many people seem to go out of their way to over-complicate so many things that just don’t need to be so complicated? Is it a need to find complexity, while blindly overlooking the obvious?

The comedian Ron White has one bit where he talks about a local paper factory that was stinking up the entire town that he grew up in: “Trees don’t stink, paper doesn’t stink, you’re doing something in the middle to make it stink. STOP THAT.

Here is a perfect example that happened just yesterday:


So when I got home, I got on my wife’s computer, filled out the form on the government’s web site, saved it (yes, as a PDF), printed it, and I was done. All in about 15 minutes. No fuss, no muss, no problems. And no downloading software and/or purchases.

Another good example happened later that night. One of my friends and his wife are looking to move back to the town we live in and they’ve had a tough time finding a suitable house. They have been acting as parents to their grand children and wanted to find a home near us and in our school district. My buddy called to say they made an offer on a place in a nice neighborhood, but on the other side of the freeway. As I’m talking with him on the phone, my wife is whispering in my other ear “They can use our address so the kids can go to school over here“. I had to bite my tongue until I hung up with my buddy, then I let out an emphatic “NO! They have an elementary school 4 blocks away and a middle school 2 blocks away. They can damn well go to school there.”

While it might sound like I’m just nagging about my wife; trust me, I’m not. This type of thing happens all over the world and by so many people. Here’s another example:

Co-worker: “Hey, can you look this up for me?

Me: “You have the same cell phone that I have, so you have just as much computing power at your fingertips.

Co-worker: “Why do you have to be that way??”¬† (storms away)

Maybe it’s laziness? Maybe they are overwhelmed by all the possibilities? Or maybe they really don’t ‘think’ as much as others do.

Personally, I’m damn tired of being the only one who actively thinks.


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I’m not a big reader, but….

I recently finished the longest book I have ever read. It was 592 pages (not including the appendix or footnotes), and it was written by someone I have previously written about, Michael C. Ruppert.


The book, “Crossing the Rubicon”, starts off examining the events surrounding the 9/11 attacks on the United States and rounds out examining the real reasons behind these attacks. Say what you may about “conspiracy theories”, one thing is true – ignoring the root causes of any problem will NOT make them quietly disappear. And the root cause of this problem is probably not what you think it is.

I highly recommend that everyone read this book, because it discusses a point in history that changed our country, permanently. I think this book is as important (even moreso) than any history book I read in school. And that’s probably the same reasons why it will never be compulsory reading in any school class. Improving this country (and for that matter, humanity) will not happen unless the people take action.




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When the boss employs “new math”….

This is yet another post I started a few years ago, fueled by a job I no longer work at…..


Captain Sunshine knew he had to survive just another 2 years so that he could get his full retirement, but surviving those last 2 years might be the death of him. Over the years, his tyrannical reign over the department made him very few friends, so he had no one to turn to and no favors left to call in.

New tools had been promised for over a decade so dragging this out for another 2 years would blend in like so many blades of grass in a tall field. This would give him just enough “cover” so that no one would keep a critical eye directly on him. His specialty was stirring the corporate pot and then assigning his employees the task of cleaning up the mess. His micro-management techniques earned him a reputation on par with the pointed headed boss in the Dilbert comic strip.

And after his retirement, it would make no difference whether the business succeeded or failed. His stocks were in the parent company, one that had many times more leverage than the subsidiary that was his employer.

He used everyone below him to fulfill his own needs and when the parent company redefined how they measured “success”, he made sure to redefine the units of measure so that once again, his numbers worked. How else could he get “Exceeds expectations” on his annual review yet everyone in his department got “Does not meet expectations”?

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Thinking outside of the box

This was a draft of a post from 2011. It was fueled by a job that I used to have and I think it can be useful for other people who are stuck in boring, dead-end jobs……


Never before have I been employed at a job that purposefully goes out of its way to make and keep me off balance & confused.

My boss says this is “thinking outside of the box”. I say it is forcing people to do tasks that they are NOT good at. It is not the best way to utilize people & resources.

Just because I can properly function in my job does not mean that I enjoy it. My day is fragmented and disjointed beyond all reasonable imagination.

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What’s it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again!






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Finders keepers

If you find some money in the street, it’s yours to keep, right? A few dollars is OK, but what if you found a LOT of money? How about a bank bag full of money? At what point does your sensibility kick in and tell you “This belongs to someone else”….? If money represents time & labor, then someone’s sweat went into filling that bank bag. Right?

When you buy a house, the title company will run a “title search” to make sure ownership is free & unencumbered by liens or other title issues. How far back do they search? Is it even possible for a previous owner to pop up and cause trouble with your purchase? Can a previous owner make a claim years after their ownership ended?

How is it that when the Europeans “discovered” America, they laid claim to all of the land, even though it was already inhabited by the natives? Easy! they said that their God had lead them here and since the natives did not believe in the European god, they were basically “squatters”, with no rights. England claimed a big chunk, Spain & France did as well. But did anyone ask the native Americans what they thought of owning the land?

This planet belongs to everyone. Fighting over who-owns-what will only lead to our own demise.





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