Hotels drive me crazy….

Ok, so who designs hotels? Must be people who don’t stay in hotels….


Apparently the window is always complaining about the temperature changes. Nice to know the curtain designers listened.


And why does the A/C unit have an “auto” mode, when the damn thing never shuts off….?


If the elevator breaks down, am I supposed to yell at the red light?

So the shampoo is in the bottle with the red label and black letters? Or is it the black label with red letters? Don’t want to try and lather up with the lotion, ya know. Why-the-hell can’t you just print the words large enough so they can be read without me having to take my glasses into the frikken shower?



Maybe I’m a nag, or just maybe — it’s the small things that really make a hotel experience memorable.



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I am a mechanic

It’s my job and my passion, I FIX STUFF. And quite frankly, I’m pretty damn good at it. My own parents may have recognized this at an early age, but they did not foster or support me in my quest; I have learned what I know because *I* took the initiative to do so. I have multiple ASE certificates because *I* earned them. I do excellent work on restoring old cars because *I* enjoy doing top-notch work. I like seeing my customers eyes light up when they see their project because it makes *ME* happy that THEY are happy.

And it pains me deeply to see so many people, friends, family and even strangers, that continue to stumble in life, not seeing the “big picture” of what our lives have morphed into over the last hundreds (and thousands) of years. I try as I might to awaken these people, to help them see the wrongs in the world, the inhumanities, the atrocities the continue to plague the planet; but I can not force them to see something that they don’t want to see. They call me crazy or a “conspiracy theorist”. And for a long time, I’ve taken the brunt of their accusations, because I understand that they don’t understand. I can show them the door, but they have to step through it.

And as a mechanic, this bugs the fuck out of me.

I see the world as it really is, I can (mentally) go back in time and see *exactly* where things went wrong, where the path diverged in the wrong direction, where one tiny change made a HUGE difference many years down the road. This is what social engineers do, they put a small idea out there and sit back and watch the world change around them. It’s a painfully slow process, one that sometimes does not bear any fruit within your own lifetime. A process that is the complete opposite of the “instant gratification” world that we currently have. The life of a futurist is not one that many volunteer to have.

As a mechanic, I can make a repair and see the outcome when my task is completed. It’s actually quite simple, especially for a logically minded person, like myself. Many humans are NOT logically minded; they are emotional creatures and are prone to acting upon those emotions quickly, often getting results that are, shall we say, “less then optimal”. Other people know this and they openly exploit this weakness in the human psyche.

And as a mechanic, this bugs the fuck out of me.

Because, try as I might, I can’t fix you.



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No I didn’t!

There is absolutely, positively, nothing more infuriating than being accused of something that you absolutely, positively know to be untrue. Tonight reminded me of the way children treat other children by accusing them of stupid shit that has to way out other than to pick a fight:

"Do your parents know you're gay?"
"What? I'm not gay!"
"SO you haven't told them? Only a gay person would hide the truth".

It’s an argument that is guaranteed to make one person stupidly happy while the other contemplates physical harm.

And tonight was no different.

I’m reading a story that someone else posted on Facebook and my wife jumps to an (incorrect) conclusion, interrupting me as I am reading. I stop her by saying “NO, that’s NOT what I said” and she replies “Why are you so snippy with me? You’ve been like that all evening“. “No I haven’t” I reply; trying to keep my instant anger from becoming even worse. But I know it’s too late, I can feel the tops of my ears turning red as I re-wind in my head the entire evening, trying to figure out how the fuck I could have been so snippy with someone that I did not exchange 2 sentences with up to that point. So the evening is spent, once again, sitting painfully quiet on the couch writing this post while she …. hell, I don’t know, plays a game on her phone and drinks another drink.

It’s another evening in paradise, or at least what our little corner of it resembles.



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Traveling man


Humans have always been on the move, whether it was early neanderthals crossing the savanna, following the animal herds and killing them for food or the Native Americans tracking the herds of buffalo that once roamed this great land – humans would go where the food was.


I used to live in Twin Falls, Idaho and the locals tell the story of how the town was started. Back in the 1800s, a farmer from the Midwest decided to head west during the “Gold Rush” because his farm had dried up and withered. Riding on a wagon (the Uber car of the day), they were forced to stop in the middle of nowhere when the wagon broke a wheel. The passengers stepped out while the wagon master repaired the wheel. The farmer was looking around at the high desert scenery of mostly tumbleweed and other types of scrub that was indigenous to the area. He reached down and grabbed a handful of the dry, black soil and played with it in his hands. Adding some water from his canteen, the soil quickly soaked up the moisture, turning it into a rich, black soil that held the water amazingly well. The farmer played with the mixture for a few minutes before telling the wagon master to unload his bags because he was staying. The other passengers as well as the wagon master thought the man was crazy from the heat. The farmer showed them the handful of soil he had been playing with and he exclaimed “If my farm back home had soil this good, I would not have lost my crops. I’m a farmer! And I’m staying here!”. The wagon master unloaded his bags and the man stayed on the trail, thus becoming the first person to what would later become Twin Falls, Idaho.



Now, with the advent of modern capitalism, we humans must work to earn money with which we buy food. Most of us, myself included, don’t know how to farm or forage for food, certainly not enough to sustain life on a long-term basis. People living in a city almost guarantee that they would be the first to starve if the grocery store wasn’t close by. Henry Kissinger was quoted as saying: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people” while Noam Chomsky pointed out: “Control of the population is the major task of any state that is dominated by particular sectors of the domestic society and therefore functions primarily in their interest”.

A friend of mine works for the military as an “ordinance technician”, (a bomb guy), and when his local military base closed down, he found himself needing to commute 9 hours (one way) just to continue working in his profession.  He rents a cheap apartment during the week, drives home on Saturdays, spends one night with his wife, then drives back on Sunday. It’s a very tough life and hopefully he’ll retire soon so he can skip the commute entirely.


So now I find myself in a similar position of possibly traveling 150+ miles to work a job, to earn money, to pay the bills. I am still looking for local jobs, but for now it would seem I am destined to be a traveling man…..

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Technology makes us stupid, part duh…

Technology can be very helpful, at times. Other times, it just adds to the overall stupidity of humans (in general). How many of these do you do? What other things do you do that need to be on this list?

  • It’s over 90 degrees outside, yet instead of letting the wet clothes dry outside naturally, we use an electric (or gas) clothes dryer to dry them, all the while using more natural resources (electricity and/or fossil fuel). Yes, we pay for this stupidity.
  • Don’t forget to put a fabric softener sheet in the dryer! That way the clothes will smell “April fresh”….
  • Instead of drying the pool towels by hanging them on the fence, we wash (with soap!) and run them through the clothes dryer (see above).
  • Plant grass even though it does not naturally grow in this climate. Then water it so it grows. Then cut it down because it’s too long.
  • Put all of our friend’s phone numbers into our “Contacts” list, then forget what their actual phone number is. If we don’t have the phone to refer to, we have no way of calling them.
  • Run the A/C all night because if we open a window, the neighborhood noises are loud enough to wake us up.
  • Many web pages require you to log in with a password. At some point you have to change your password, to keep your log-in secure. And it’s not a good idea to have the same password on many pages, so you end up with several different passwords. To keep track of all these passwords, you put them in a text file…. that may or may not be password protected.
  • The power blinks out for a few minutes, and we feel completely lost. Our minds fill with thoughts of living in caves and cooking over an open fire. A few seconds later, the power comes back on and life as we know it goes back to normal. Gotta post something on  Facebook about the power outage.
  • Don’t forget to reset all of the clocks as soon as the power comes back on. Let’s see…. the alarm clock, the microwave, the TV, the A/C system, the lawn sprinkler system…
  • Bored. Nothing to do. Nothing on TV. 45 years ago my mom would have told me to “go outside and play”. I could read a book….. do I even own a book anymore? Naaah, there’s always a new cat video on Youtube to watch….
  • You do a google search for some related images to use on your latest blog post….. and find nothing suitable.


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Patriotic hypocrisy …?

A friend of mine stopped by for the weekend and he brought America’s #1 snack food – beer!


By this was no ordinary beer, it was Anheuser-Busch’s popular brand “Budweiser”, in a commemorative can that was emblazoned with:

  • Land of the free
  • Home of the brave
  • Indivisible
  • E Pluribus Unum
  • From the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters this land was made for you and me
  • Liberty & justice for all
  • Since 1776

I can only assume these are a patriotic themed can that did not sell out completely on the 4th of July. What a shame, because that’s some of the finest swamp-water-piss any true American could hope to buy!

Of course, if a “true” American wanted to be “patriotic”, they would not buy their beer (or any other products) from a foreign-owned company, right? Amirite?? Vote with your wallet and keep your dollars here by supporting locally owned companies by buying only products that are “Made in America”, right? But most folks don’t know that Anheuser-Busch became part of a Belgium beverage & brewing company back in 2008. But that’s OK, you, the consumer, can still show your patriotism by buying MORE of this swill and drinking it while celebrating the anniversary of our country. And don’t forget the fireworks! (made in China), because nothing is more patriotic than drunk people and explosives.


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Say what you mean to say

Some folks will say that using the word “but” to join 2 word phrases into one sentence is a poor choice of wording, because the word “but” negates the first word phrase. An example would be “I don’t mean to upset you, but……”. The second word phrase which completes the sentence is the actual important part. Almost every day I hear someone using this type of phrase connection and it strikes me much like a “back-handed compliment”.

“I’m sorry, but….”

“I don’t mean to offend you, but…”

Many times, the first word phrase is an apology (whether they intended for it to be, or not). Some people are so offended by words that they feel the need to apologize before they say something that another person might not agree with. Talking in this manner reduces the sincerity of an actual apology, should one be actually needed. It’s like the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” – something is said so many times that other people learn to ignore it, then when that person actually says something important, their words fall on deaf ears. Why not just come right out and say what it is you want to say?

“That (article of clothing) looks terrible.”

“The bad news is……”


This is a free country and everyone is guaranteed the right of free speech. So why not use it? Say what you mean to say and don’t back-pedal just because what you are saying doesn’t fit in with another person’s narrative.


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