Word Salad – “Resting Bitch Face”

According to Urban Dictionary, Resting Bitch Face is:

  • The face a person makes that makes them look as if they are angry, irritated, or depressed, but are usually just relaxing or deeply thinking about something.
  • This mainly female disorder causes a person’s face to convey a high level of bitchiness when, in actuality, they aren’t feeling very bitchy at all.

“Are you okay? You look pissed”

“Yeah, I’m fine, this is just my resting bitch face.”

Apparently, this is something that I have, because my wife accuses me often of “being pissed” when I am not. And of course, there is no way to counter her accusation without sounding actually bitchy.

But I don’t think I’ve always been this way. Here’s proof that I used to smile and laugh a lot!

But somehow “youthful exuberance” always seems to get pushed right out of us as we become adults.

Carl Sagan once said: “My experience is, you go talk to kindergarten kids or first-grade kids, you find a class full of science enthusiasts. And they ask deep questions. “What is a dream, why do we have toes, why is the moon round, what is the birthday of the world, why is grass green?” These are profound, important questions. They just bubble right out of them. You go talk to 12th grade students and there’s none of that. They’ve become leaden and incurious. Something terrible has happened between kindergarten and 12th grade and it’s not just puberty.”

As children, we view the world with innocent eyes. As we get older, we start to see the world as it really is. Our parents paint the world with a rose-colored brush, and it takes years for us to see the world for what it actually is.


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