How does this directly affect you? It doesn’t!

Why are you nagging about the neighbor having some stuff in the bed of his truck? It’s not your truck, or your stuff, or your driveway. It does not affect you. PERIOD! It’s not even unsightly. Hell, it’s the first time he’s used his shiny truck as a truck!

And why do you get pissed off at me, saying things like “Why do you do that?”, when all I did was express my opinion on a subject? Am I not allowed to have a differing opinion than you? I don’t accuse YOU of things out of the blue and it baffles me why you do that to me. Pretty sure you don’t treat other people that way (at least I hope you don’t).

Stop looking for stuff to complain about. Just because “reality TV shows” can ‘manufacture drama’ where none previously existed, is no reason for you to follow suit.

Life is simple, people make it complicated.

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