Stratus, part 2

My daily driver, a 2001 Stratus R/T coupe, was in dire need for some new headlights. Unfortunately, these DO NOT exist in the aftermarket world, and the cross-platform car (Mitsubishi Eclipse) uses a completely different shape light, so converting to those is not an option either.

So what’s a car guy to do? Buy a parts car!

A friend of mine had bought this car soon after I had bought mine. It’s nearly identical but has more options than my car including a sunroof, leather interior and more power options. It’s the same 3.0 liter V6 and 5 speed trans as my car. And it’s also got a knocking engine (which makes it a perfect parts car). And it was cheap ($200!)

I’m not sure what the plan is (long term) for this car, but for now, it’s the perfect donor for the lights and a few other items that my car needs.

I grabbed a bunch of other parts, swapping them with my daily driver so this car was still complete. Tail lights, console, left door panel, leather seats!

But then the time had come for the car to go away. A quick ad on Facebook Marketplace and a few pics later, it was sold 12 hours later for $250. (Yes, I made money on this car!)

Video of the car:

Video of the engine noise:

For a short time, my cars were “twinning”.

And then she sailed off into the afternoon sun…..


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