Stratus, part 2

My daily driver, a 2001 Stratus R/T coupe, was in dire need for some new headlights. Unfortunately, these DO NOT exist in the aftermarket world, and the cross-platform car (Mitsubishi Eclipse) uses a completely different shape light, so converting to those is not an option either.

So what’s a car guy to do? Buy a parts car!

A friend of mine had bought this car soon after I had bought mine. It’s nearly identical but has more options than my car including a sunroof, leather interior and more power options. It’s the same 3.0 liter V6 and 5 speed trans as my car. And it’s also got a knocking engine (which makes it a perfect parts car).

I’m not sure what the plan is (long term) for this car, but for now, it’s the perfect donor for the lights and a few other items that my car needs.

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