Don’t feed the pet …. peeves

Pet Peeve – noun…..”A particular and often continual annoyance; personal bugbear”.

There are some things that make me just shake my head and wonder how-the-FUCK did they not see this?

Every hotel room I’ve stayed in has the heater/AC unit directly under the windows, right where the curtains are, which always catch the air that’s supposed to be heating/cooling the room, not the window.

And since we’re talking about hotel rooms, why the hell does the temperature control switch from heat to A/C, then back to heat; just because it overshot the desired temperature setting I put on the thermostat? Can we blame the curtains or is it a conspiracy within the entire room?

Engines with oil filters that are mounted downward, thus *guaranteeing* that they make a huge mess every time you change the oil.

Being forced to throw away perfectly good parts just because some bean-counter said “Take it off inventory”. 


Drivers that don’t know how to accelerate and merge when entering a freeway. Seriously dude, it’s called “the acceleration lane” for a reason.

Probably the same drivers that refuse to yield the left lane once they are in it. Whattdathink this is… NASCAR? You’re not drafting anyone, so move the hell over and let the faster cars go by. If I can pass you on the right, then you’re in the wrong damn lane!

May be an image of road and text

Airlines that load passengers from the front to the back. Does anyone at the airline study efficiency? Obviously not.

Airline passengers that block up the aisle, trying to get their luggage out of the overhead bin, meanwhile a line of folks with no luggage can’t get out. Come on people, let those with no luggage de-plane first, then you can struggle with that bag you were too lazy to check through in the first place.

A software company that advertises “Free software” (to fix whatever problem), yet the only thing free is the program download. If you actually want those features to work, then you gotta pay.

Restored cars that have body color showing through the grill openings. Everything behind the grille is supposed to be blacked out, including the radiator & support.


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