Money Matters – What Are You Afraid Of?

It seems there are some folks that are actually afraid to pay off their bills and get out of debt. Read that sentence again and let it sink in, before reading any further.

Some of them are actually great at paying bills and juggling money. They have to be, because they just don’t have enough.

But a lot of folks are not good jugglers. They borrow from Peter to pay Paul, juggle credit card balances, and (hopefully) get by just one more more month.

They’ve been in debt for so long that this is the only way they know how to live. They work 5 days a week, pay their bills, and just get by another day, just to go back to work. It’s a vicious cycle of rinse & repeat and yet they don’t want to stop it; mostly because they don’t know HOW to stop it.

They are paying for their life in arrears because they can’t think in a forward direction. They are not futurists and to get ahead in life, financially, you have to think like a futurist. You HAVE to plan ahead, to HAVE to save for a rainy day, to HAVE to invest towards your retirement; because no one else is going to do it for you.


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