Money Matters – Multiple Income Streams

It’s real simple advice to tell someone to get a job (or 2) to increase their income. It’s another thing to actually go out and work another job. Sometimes you need to get “creative” in finding a way to make money.

Multiple Streams of Income: Helping You Get to Financial Independence and  Beyond - ESI Money

Some of the wealthiest people have found ways to “monetize” other aspects of their lives outside of the typical “job” environment. Hmmmm, what could one do if they had a degree in finance….

  • Start a radio show with paid advertisers
  • Write a book about money management and sell it
  • Build a radio studio and rent out space to others who want to start a radio program
  • And don’t forget to help “brand” their futures by including your name in their “personality label”
  • Sell “naming rights” to your own studio to an advertiser
  • Sell show merchandise
  • Create a budget app and sell a “premium” version
  • Create educational content and sell it as a financial “university”
  • Bundle up access to your content and sell it with a “PLUS!” name
  • Buy & sell real estate deals
  • Sell your financial education curriculum to high schools
  • Start your own mortgage company

What creative ways can you come up with to monetize your life?


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