Money Matters – An Introduction to Personal Finance Management

I wrote a book report about Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” and quite frankly, I like him and most of the advice he gives. His brash, no-shit approach to finances is a lot like mine, the major difference being he’s got a radio show with millions of listeners and I don’t. 🙂

During one of his YouTube videos, a caller had mentioned something along the line of “Why do you have to include all that Bible stuff?” and the answer is quite simple: Dave’s a Christian.

Sure, the Bible has some broad advice regarding money, but I don’t believe it’s truly relevant 2000+ years after it was written. Our world is much different from their world and the methods used today are vastly different from the methods used back then.

But I’m not a Christian.

So, I’m going to write an entire series of posts called “Money Matters” and I’ll discuss the points he made in his book, but without the religious guilt that’s passively included with that type of advice.

Am I “financial guru”? Nope, just an ordinary guy who likes to utilize logic and common sense solutions to fix real world problems.

Am I a lawyer? Obviously not, so if you think I’m giving you legal advice, you’re mistaken. You should talk to a lawyer for legal advice.

In that vein, you should also be aware that I’m not a doctor, an accountant, or a banker. Nor am I a dentist, a loan officer or a paleontologist. In fact, the list of professions that I’m not is quite long and varied.

Will this series of posts be the be-all and end-all way to deal with money? Probably not, because everyone’s situation has it’s own unique problems that need to be solved, so the solution that worked for one might not work quite as effectively on another. But you have to start somewhere, so why not start at the beginning?

Take my advice for what it’s worth; use logic and common sense, and by all means, take control of your financial literacy!

Let’s get started with Step 1: Making a Budget.


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