The paradox of capitalism

What if the organs in the human body decided to be completely independent? The body would fall apart quickly. Maybe that’s what happens when people suddenly (or unexpectedly) die? One organ decided “Fuck it, I’m outta here!” and from there is was a quickly degrading domino effect. The intertwined systems stop supporting each other and the entire body shuts off.

Capitalism requires people to work together, yet at the same time it pits people against each other in an endless battle for resources. What if one system within capitalism stopped functioning? Would everything stop working? Jacque Fresco was just a child during The Great Depression and he had said that he could not understand why this event happened. The factories were still there, the resources were still there, but nothing was getting done. People were standing around in food lines, hoping to get a meal. Prices had risen, unemployment had risen, and goods & services were scarce. Yet all of this was because of a *perceived* change in value (a huge drop in the Stock Market). This drop caused a domino effect across many other systems of our economy. Yet “perceived” is the key word here – we give things value by accepting a number as an acceptable exchange rate. If you don’t accept the number, does that change the actual item in any way? Does a meal taste any better simply because you paid more for it? Does a hammer drive in a nail any better simply because one store has a different price tag than another store? Of course not.

Yet here we are in 2020, and the entire world seems to have stopped because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some folks argue whether it’s real or if the death rate is even worth worrying about. If social distancing works, why wear a mask? If wearing a mask works, then why social distance? If both work, then why have a lock down?

All of our talent & resources are still in place, but our world is centered around earning a profit, not taking care of people. When (if?) we ever get past this point in history, the rest of our “economy” is going to take another big hit. Unemployment benefits will run out, bills will come due, and even more people will become homeless because of foreclosures.

And yet it does not have to be this way.


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