I spy with my little eye…. something green

In April 2016, my wife and I were returning from Oregon back to our home in California. We had driven my uncomfortable truck, Dino the Dodge-asaurus Wrex, only because we had moved her dad & his belongings from our house up to her brother’s house in Washington. Since we were not in a hurry, we decided to take a longer route home, one that meandered us from Klamath Falls, Oregon, south-east towards Lassen National Park. As we rolled into the tiny town of McArthur, California, I looked to my right and immediately hit the brakes. My wife asked “What-the-fuck are you doing?” as I backed up the shoulder, coming to a stop on a small bridge that was next to a house. Lucky for me I had brought a camera with a 12X zoom lens, because from the street, the car was barely recognizable.

As much as I wanted to knock on the owner’s front door, I got a bad vibe because it looked like the kind of place that just screamed “Do Not Enter!“. So after staring in disbelief for a minute, we continued the drive home. That night I posted my picture on social media where many people bantered over whether the car was a real Superbird or not, with the consensus being that it was real but a few parts had been removed (the wing and the A-pillar chrome trim).

2 months later, I saw this photo on social media and instantly recognized the green ‘Bird.

I added a comment that I had recently spotted the green ‘Bird and I included my photo. The owner sounded indignant, replying “You’re in my driveway!” and I told him that I was not, taking the picture from the public street with an extra long lens.

Sounded like I made the right call by NOT knocking on his door.


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