Most (?) lives matter

Some people say “Black lives matter”, others say “Blue lives matter”, while another group says “ALL lives matter”. Believe it or not, there is no single perfect answer.

Let’s get down to the bottom line here, and see exactly who does (or doesn’t) matter.

As a humanist, I do believe that all people begin life with an equal footing. Truthfully, it’s a terrible beginning, with the infant needing help just to make it through the first day and it doesn’t get much better for years to come. Thankfully parents are there to raise and nurture the baby into a happy, useful, productive member of society; at least we all hope that’s what happens. Terrible parents do exist and quite possibly the rest of us could do without them muddying up the social mix, so we could easily pencil them off the list. And what about the non-conformist children that might exist only because of those terrible parents? Even Santa has his “naughty list” to keep them in line. But that’s another tangent discussion in itself.

Yes, all lives do matter in the beginning. Then people change, either through their own choices in life, or their lives are changed for them by other people. And that’s where the value of one’s life can diminish. If you’re not adding to society, then you’re only taking from it, right? Once you start picking & choosing who is not adding to society, you fall down a “slippery slope”, trying to find where to draw the line.

So who doesn’t matter? On social media, I saw an answer posted that simply said “Pedophiles”; and quite frankly, I agree. It’s an easy choice to make, but don’t assume that means they would be killed off. I’m not a murderer, but if they disappeared off the face of the planet, then so be it; no real loss for humanity because they don’t matter. While we’re at it, don’t forget that some priests have been having sex with underage children, so they don’t matter. And the people who covered all this up for many years, they don’t matter either – Fuck ’em! (pun intended).

How about other criminals? Mass murderers go on that list, with no hesitation. Hell, any person who commits even a single murder can be included; after all, we don’t need killers in our all-loving, all-inclusive world. What about someone who killed another person through their own negligence? Drive under the influence of alcohol and get in an accident that kills the other driver…. we can probably do without you as well. What if you’re the sober driver and the person killed in the accident was the drunk; what then? What if you’re a politician and simply walked away from the scene of an accident, not knowing if your passenger was alive or dead; and failed to report the accident to the police? Surely we can do without that guy, right?

While we’re on the subject of criminals, how about rapists? Of course they don’t matter! Anyone that sexually assaults another person can GTFO! But what if it’s just guys having some locker room talk or maybe that’s how you see the act of “courtship” in this modern world? Lots of people are morally depraved, but they still matter…. or do they?

Let’s switch gears for a moment, and discuss our financial world. Do grifters matter? You know, those people who steal money from folks that can least afford it? Nobody likes a pick-pocket, but it’s the white collar criminal that we ought to be focusing our attention on, simply because of the amount of financial damage he can inflict. How about a CEO that gets a huge bonus just before laying off his entire staff? He’s a horrible person and we don’t need him screwing things up for the rest of us. Then there’s bankers and finance people who specifically prey on certain people through their use of “predatory lending practices”. These methods only benefit themselves and the world can do without those folks. How about slumlords who get rich providing crappy housing? Do they count?

What about people that just don’t “conform”? People who don’t use their turn signals and/or clog up the fast lane on the freeway. They are obviously adding to the traffic problem and the world beyond your front bumper would benefit if they were gone. Right? Right??

What about advertisers and marketing? The late, great comedian Bill Hicks used to rail hard and heavy against this group and for good reason – you’re putting a dollar sign on *EVERYthing* and THAT keeps people financially enslaved.

The list of who matters or doesn’t matter is long and varied and I’m sure there are as many reasons to add someone to the list as there are reasons not to. It all depends on your viewpoint and what you consider to be acceptable “situational ethics”. We all need to stop and re-examine our entire world, because quite frankly, a lot of folks have it wrong.

In the end , the planet will continue to survive long after we (humans) are finished arguing over history and have long since disappeared.

Why? Because to mother Earth, no lives matter.


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