Mechanical Shop

Variety is what keeps one going. When the body shop is getting on my nerves, I know it’s time to break up the monotony and do some mechanical work.

There never seems to be an end of things that need fixing….

John G’s Z28 needed some engine work, brake upgrade, suspension rebuild and a headliner.

Alan G’s ’67 GTX Race car had been parked for a few years. I got it running, mounted some new tires, and prepped it for sale. Unfortunately cancer took Alan before the car was sold.

Dennis A. needed an engine assembled…

Tony’s ’69 Monaco needed front & rear brake upgrades, plus color coordinated wheels.

Dan S. had a ’91 Spirit had been languishing at another shop for 7 years. I got it running, did some custom wiring, added Euro look lights & trim and made it road worthy.


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