It still lives on!

Back in 2004, I bought a car from a (now former) friend of mine. The car was claimed to be one thing and seemed to have supporting paperwork to that claim. I ended up picking the paperwork apart and writing an article showing what I had found. In 2008 I sold the car, for the same amount that I bought if for, in the same pieces & boxes that I had bought it in, to another Mopar guy that I know. He put the car back together, using as many of the original parts as possible.

By chance, I saw the car for sale at the Hot August Nights car corral in Reno, Nevada back in 2017. One major flaw pops out in the first picture – it has a “Charger” emblem on the C pillar; the original car would have had a “Special Edition” emblem.

Note the text “Rebodied during restoration“.

It was sold at Barret-Jackson for $84,700 on Jan 20, 2019.


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