Words have meanings

If you use the wrong words or use them in the wrong way, other people will misinterpret what you are trying to convey. Not only do the words you use convey different meanings, HOW those words are used (tone & inflection), and your body language can also change the way your message is received.

This has a new, robust design” … This one word is so over-used today. What *exactly* does “robust” mean when talking about truck transmissions? Or pastries? Or anything else? Everyone needs to STOP using this word.

Yes, I know“…  Do you, really?? Claiming to “know” something implies that you understand those words and would abide by the rules that apply to the situation that this knowledge imparts to you. And if you were doing that, I would not have asked if you knew what you were doing. If you honestly “know” something, then you should be able to explain it back to me. If you can’t, then you are just parroting those words.

It’s a global pandemic” …. The word “pandemic” means an “epidemic” that affects all people (pan), but it could also mean “panic” + “epidemic”; which certainly seems fitting for what we have today. If the government would please stop using this word, they would help slow or stop the PANIC portion.

The other day at work, I ordered some parts for a job I was working on, and on the form where it said “Needed by”, I put ASAP. Today I checked on the ETA for those parts and my parts guy said they were coming by UPS ground. After talking to my boss about this problem, I was informed that the parts guy does not consider “ASAP” to be a ‘date’, thus he deemed them to be not important. Are. You. Fucking. Shittin’. Me? I hate playing word salad games, but if that’s what it’s come down to, then that’s the game we’ll play.

If you read through my posts, you might notice that I’m an “anti-capitalist“. And it’s amazing how many people will get all wound up over this term and what I say, simply because they think I’m against commerce, which is completely untrue. The difference between these two terms and what they mean is like night and day. Commerce can survive without capitalism; but capitalism can not survive without commerce; in fact it depends on it. Capitalism depends on gullibility (of those who provide the labor to keep the machine of capitalism moving), jealousy (making the workers think they need to be as good as their neighbors), advertising (to make you want stuff that you don’t really need) and ignorance (workers not understanding how the system really operates), and cognitive dissonance (workers defending the very same system that is working against them).

So choose your words wisely and be prepared to defend them, because you know I will.

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