I should have been a truck driver

Believe it or not, I have driven cross-country 10 times; yet I have never been employed as a truck driver.


February 1985 – a friend of mine and his girlfriend had moved from Virginia to Long Beach, Ca in the summer of 1984, right in the middle of the L.A. Summer Olympics. Since they had driven out in her car, with very little of their personal belongings, I agreed to rent a truck and drive all of their stuff out to them, including towing his car. One of his friends agreed to ride along and help share the driving. My buddy’s dad co-signed a loan for $5000 so we could finance this trip.

February 1986 – I followed suit by packing all my stuff in my ’73 Charger and a 5×8 foot trailer and driving myself out to Long Beach.

March 1, 1989 – My girlfriend (at the time) and I decided to move back to Virginia. We drove my ’73 Charger towing my ’69 Hemi Road Runner. I ended up flying back to Long Beach solo while she stayed behind and looked for a job.

March 15, 1989 – I drove my ’71 Charger R/T towing my ’69 Charger R/T back to Virginia.

October 1991 – My wife and I drove our 1989 Nissan Pickup west because we had decided to move out of Virginia. I did not want to move back to California, so we compromised and settled on Idaho, where another car buddy of mine lived. We dropped the truck load of stuff at his house, then continued on to Sacramento where her father had secured a cheap 27 foot trailer for me. He agreed to loan me the use of his Dodge pickup.

October 1991 – My brother-in-law agreed to tag along, so we drove the empty truck and trailer back to Virginia. We loaded up my Green ’71 Charger R/T, but the trailer was too short to also fit my orange ’71 Charger R/T; so we left that parked at my friend Paul’s house.

November 1, 1991 – My B-I-L and I made the long trek west once again, arriving in Twin Falls, Idaho.

April 1992 – I flew from Salt Lake City back to Virginia and drove my orange ’71 Charger R/T out to Idaho. I made one stop at the Wheels & Spokes Museum in Hays, Kansas. (May 1993 we ended up moving back to California, settling this time in Sacramento.)

2002 – I bought a used 1991 Dodge diesel pickup on Ebay from a seller in Padukah, Kentucky. I hopped a quick flight out there and in exactly 48 hours, I was back in West Sacramento, sleeping off the drive at my new girlfriend’s house.

2004 – My buddy Paul had sold his house in California and after I helped load up his moving truck, he drove back to Virginia; leaving his Caravan at my place. The transmission was slipping, so I overhauled the trans and he hopped a flight back out. The 2 of us drove his van towing a 10 foot Uhaul trailer back to Virginia. We left Galt, California at 3:00 PM PST on a Friday and at Monday morning at 7:35 AM EST, we were at his house in Norfolk Virginia.

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