Conspiracies abound!

A few ideas to follow up on my post regarding What If….

What if covid-19 was just a tool to shake up the economy and redefine capitalism? Let’s see who can survive for a while and let’s see what’s left in the end.

What if the virus was invented by the Americans to infect the Chinese, but it backfired when the away team returned to the states?

Is it possible that all of this was designed by the toilet paper manufactures to (1) dump all of their current product stock, boosting sales, and (2) usher in a completely new, cheaper product line?

The Cares Act should be a safety net for every citizen that needs it. It should NOT help aid businesses. Capitalism can wait for all of this blows over. Stockholders can have a zero gains quarter for a change. Businesses can go back to making money, eventually.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Stitchy liked The Library Owl @SketchesbyBoze see so many people saying "I finally have the time to read, and bake, and think, and love on my kids like I haven't done in years," and maybe the way our whole culture is centered around work and the acquisition of wealth was the problem. 04:29 29/03/2020 Twitter Web App 3,880 Retweets 15.2K Likes'
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