The Bill-videre

I bought this 1966 Belvidere from an ad I saw in the Pennysaver magazine. It was in Stockton, Ca and the owner had a ’68 Dart (former race car) listed for $300 that I was hoping was a Hemi Super Stock shell. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. His ad also said he had another car for sale for $2500, so I asked to look at it, and it was actually a decent car. 273 2 barrel that ran OK but was kinda tired, column shift auto trans, yellow with a black interior. I told him I’d take it and I’d be back the next day to drive it home.

I rebuilt the engine and added a 4 barrel carb and headers. The front seat had been reupholstered at some point in it’s life, but the rear seat was the original. The right front fender had been replaced and repainted, but the rest of the car was the original paint and it was wearing thin into the primer.

I only drove it a few times over the next couple of years, putting maybe a total of 300 miles on it. I had tried to sell it at local car shows but no one was interested at $3500, so I put it on Ebay with a $3500 reserve and a Buy-It-Now button for $5,000 and guess what – Someone hit the button! The buyer was a guy from Aguas Caliente, Mexico, so I had a Spanish speaking co-worker call the buyer and finalize the terms of the sale. He had already sent me $500 (deposit) on Paypal, so he sent me the rest on Paypal and arranged for a driver to come up to get the car. I picked the driver up at the Lodi, Ca bus terminal and as we were driving on the freeway, he said (in broken English) “Coolant?” and I replied “OK“, he then asked “Oil?” and I replied “OK“. When we got to my exit, I crossed over the freeway and pointed the car towards the south bound freeway entrance. Outside the car, I showed him where the gas cap was hidden (in the driver’s side WIDE 1/4 panel moulding) and I said “Gasoline!” and he replied “OK“. He drove off in the car and I walked the last mile back home.

About 3 days later, I got an email from the buyer that said (through broken English) the car had arrived and he was very happy with it. I’m thinking “HOLY SHIT! IT DROVE THE ENTIRE WAY THERE!”. Looking on Google Maps, it’s about a 2400 mile drive.

Then about a year later, I got another E-mail from the buyer – he had the car painted, a new interior installed and upgraded the engine to a 440. The car had gone to it’s first car show and took first place.


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