1970 Road Runner (383)

There’s something about a ’70 Road Runner that just looks ‘mean’. It was the peak of the muscle car era and Chrysler had just come out with a bunch of new colors, toys & accessories. The trifecta of kick-ass.

I bought this car in the early 1990s in Sacramento, Ca. It was a blue, 383, 4 speed car; and considering The Car That Got Me Hooked on Mopars, that’s reason enough to buy it. The original engine was long gone but it had a 440 just sitting in the engine bay (no transmission). The Air Grabber hood was not original to the car, but you can’t go wrong by adding one. Obviously someone had started a color change, then changed their mind, then changed their mind again. If I remember correctly, I paid $600 for it.

Years later, I ended up pulling the motor and selling it to my friend, Paul; after he melted down the engine in his Dodge 880 (“TankBert”).

Soon after that I sold my house and decided to sell the ‘Runner, rather than take it with me. Oh what a fool I can be at times.


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