1969 Road Runner (383)

Soon after moving to Sacramento in 1993, I was at a local car show and a stranger told me about a Road Runner that had been sitting for many years. I got a rough address and after driving around for about 15 minutes, I spotted the car sitting in mobile home park. The car had been hit on the driver’s side, which ripped the door handle completely off the car. I knocked on the door and talked for a few minutes to the owner, who was rather odd. He wanted $700 but I talked him down to $600 because the plates were expired.

It was the nemesis of everything I would personally want in a Road Runner – 383 Magnum, automatic on the column, 3.23 gears, green with a 2-tone green bench seat interior.

The car had the typical back window rot that had just started to leak into the trunk. The previous owner, not being mechanically inclined, knew this would become a bigger problem, so he removed the trunk mat, poured a quart of thick oil all over the trunk floor, covered it with Saran Wrap, then put the trunk mat and his tool box back in. Very unconventional, but it did protect the trunk floor metal. Lots of cleaning & pressure washing later, and it was in perfect condition. The leak did get down into the 1/4 panel extensions a little bit, so some minor patching was required there.

I had an extra door from a ’69 Satellite shell that was given to me for scrap, so I welded up the extra side trim holes, primed the door, and painted the jambs. I’ve never been a fan of F8 Jade Green, but I gotta admit – it’s a very nice color *when it’s new*. (However, I would never get to see the car in completed paint.)

I found a guy who did interior work and his prices were very reasonable, so I had him re-cover the seats in the original 2-tone green vinyl.

Life got in the way and I had too many distractions, so the car got side lined for a few years. I ended up selling it to a guy near Hesperia, Ca.


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