1970 AAR ‘Cuda

I got this car as just a bare shell from my buddy, Brian. Originally it was BS23J0B294108, a yellow AAR ‘Cuda, 340 six pack, auto trans, black interior.

Brian said the last time he saw it running and driving it had a 383 engine in it. When I got it, all of the good stuff was gone and the frame & floors were terribly rusty. No paperwork but what do you want considering I traded a working AM/FM/Cassette radio for it – and Brian was so happy he delivered it 150 miles to my house. (Guess he really wanted that radio).

I parted out what little was left on it. I saved the VIN sticker before selling the door. Sold the front disc brakes to someone. Cut up everything else. One less AAR in the world.

PS. I saved the door VIN sticker and I have it safely tucked away…. someplace. As soon as I find it, I promise I’ll scan it and add the pic here.


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