1972 Dart

After moving to Idaho, we needed a 2nd car, so I ended up buying a 1972 Dart from my buddy Brian. It was originally blue but was mostly primer. Brian had installed a rebuilt slant-6 and the price was $300. Perfect!

Idaho does not have a “DMV” office, all motor vehicle functions are run through the state police. You are supposed to change registrations within 10 days of buying a car, but I avoided going and drove on the old plates for 3 months, until they were ready to expire. When I finally went in to take care of the registration, I told the (female) officer that I had forgotten to come in within 10 days and I was prepared to pay any penalty fees. She said “Well, if your bill-of-sale does not have a date, then we have to assume you bought it today“. I pointed to my paperwork and replied “But my bill-of-sale has a date, from 3 months ago“. She very non-nonchalantly looked around the room, opened the top drawer of her desk, took out a pair of scissors, and cut the date off of the bill-of-sale that Brian had written. “Whaddayaknow – you bought it today.” I asked if I owed her a lunch or something but she turned me down.

I drove the car for about a year, then when we moved back to California, I sold it to one of the guys in the body shop at the dealership that I was leaving. He eventually cut the roof off of it and made a hard-top convertible.


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