The great equalizer

It was once said that the handgun was the great equalizer; and in it’s day, it was. The power it contained made weak men great and brought the elite down to an even level. One might nick-name their rifle “AT&T” because it let’s you reach out and touch someone over long distances.

Recently, the coronavirus “Covid-19” has become the newest “great equalizer”. It has done what so many had thought to be impossible: expose exactly how fragile capitalism really is. Many have defended our current economic model, but Covid-19 shows that in many ways, the economy (and the world) does not HAVE to be the way it currently is…..

And so much more.

Is Covid-19 really “an attack by the anarchists to show exactly how fragile our capitalistic economy really is” (as some have claimed), or is it just a natural part of our biological world that we don’t understand yet? Dead men tell no lies…..


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1 Response to The great equalizer

  1. Keith Porter says:

    Our Republic has been under attack since inception, the enemy has bankrupted us both morally and financially, we have squandered our inheritance, we have stolen from the future and enslaved the unborn with our fiat time machine. The “Wuhan” has clarified how little we value our rights and our woeful inability to define and defend what is most important. Sheep will always be governed by wolves, welcome to the New World Order.

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