What if….?

Thoughts from someone who has too much time on their hands……

What if … money and time are the 2 basic commodities in life that capitalism makes sure we never have enough of? What are you going to do about it?

What if … the coronavirus pandemic was invented by anarchists to show exactly how fragile our global “economy” really is? Would you fix it as-is or would you build something better?

What if … this virus is a ruse to get more people tested, so their DNA is on file for future use against them? Tests like “23 and Me” are only somewhat popular, but this virus makes it almost compulsory. Places like this are popping up: https://www.projectbaseline.com/ and I’m wondering what exactly they are collecting samples of….?

What if … all of the “non-essential” jobs were completely eliminated? Just struck from the economy entirely. This idea certainly sheds a new light on who is really more important than who.

What if … all politicians, 1%ers, bankers, stock brokers, etc all succumbed to the virus? Society could start over. (Normally I don’t wish harm to others, but there would be something quite satisfying in ridding society of all of the leeches that we currently have). Being a mortician would be quite profitable.

What if …… all of this pandemic response is just the toilet paper manufacturers flexing their might over all of humanity? Why does our economy seem so out-of-balance all the time?

What if … this happens again next year, when flu season starts again? Are there going to be shortages (either real or imaginary) of all the same stuff, again?

What if ….. THIS society is the new “norm”?


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