One too many zeros

It’s amazing to see so many people asking such exorbitant prices for old cars. It’s even more amazing to think that someone else is willing to pay that much money. Seriously, $7800 for a slant-6 ’73 Dart? Drop a zero off the price and you’ll be close to what it’s really worth. You want it adjusted for inflation? Drop a zero and double the remainder; then we’ll talk.

And it’s not just old cars that cost an arm & a leg. When did $80 worth of groceries fit in 2 bags? It’s just me and my wife living at home and we average $1000 per MONTH for groceries. And we’re not eating lobster & steak every night, either!

Rent on a house now costs as much as a mortgage? Neither one is an affordable living solution. Living in a van down by the river is looking like a good idea.

And now that the corona virus scare has ramped up to full swing, the price of hand sanitizer, soap, and toilet paper has gone crazy. Really people?!?!?! I’m supposing you’ve never heard of “Tulip Mania“.

THIS is how inflation sneaks into your life and your wallet, one small step here, one tiny bite there; until you can’t afford to pay attention – because you’re too damn busy just trying to tread water, barely keeping from financially drowning on a daily basis.

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