Capitalism makes you selfish

Our so-called “economy” is a system that makes every participant want to buy every item just for themselves, even if it means that item is sitting idle for the majority of the time. Think about it – how often do you really use that miter saw that’s in your shed? But are you willing to loan it out to your neighbor if he needs to cut some 2x4s? Maybe, maybe not. But if you do and he forgets to return it, guaranteed that you’ll get upset; because it’s YOURS. Maybe you need to cut some wood, or maybe not; it’s still YOURS and dammit you worked hard to buy that saw and you want YOUR saw back.

And that’s just one small example in a world full of items that are (for the vast majority of them) all good examples of a world gone awry. Manufacturers make items that only last a given amount of time, thus guaranteeing that you will eventually be forced to buy another one. Advertising and marketing push items into our lives whether we need them or not. And then some items are purposefully destroyed in order to keep the price of the remaining items artificially high.

On the other hand, how would this system continue if people shared what they had? It wouldn’t. And that’s why a completely new system would be needed. Assuming of course that enough people agreed that the old system was flawed and needed to be replaced.

A library can loan out books and literature but what would the world be like if this type of service was available for every type of item? How would a “store” function if it loaned out items rather than selling them?


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