How obvious does it have to be?

This post could also be titled “How oblivious are you?

Certain problems seem quite obvious to some, while not apparent to others. Take for example, myself. One time I diagnosed a broken timing belt just by hearing the engine cranking over as I walked by the car in a parking lot. Simply hearing the engine was a clear indicator because I had fixed so many in the past. I was 100% certain and I offered to help the motorists by demonstrating why I was correct in my assessment. I’m sure many mechanics would have been able to diagnose this problem the same way I had and many more could also diagnose it using tried & true methods of testing the systems that the engine relies on for proper operation. The only difference is how obvious it was.

Knowledge and skill can make all the difference and some people already have these while others don’t. Also some people actually want to improve themselves, by gaining more knowledge and skills; but some people simply don’t want to learn or improve upon themselves. They want the answers handed to them, in simple, easy to digest words.

I’ve written many posts about what is wrong with this world, and this one is going to try and summarize some of these issues (not in any particular order). Yes, I’m going to ruffle a few feathers and yes, this post is aimed at *YOU*, the reader that wants everything handed to them. Here you go…..

The federal government is completely corrupt – Whether you vote D or R, none of them give a damn about you. Our entire election cycle is designed to make you think you have a choice. You don’t. They spend millions of dollars to get elected to a job that pays (proportionally) very little. They give political favors to their friends and the corporations that pay them and in return the politicians get to pat themselves on the back, thinking they have “helped” in some way. They are not. Corruption is the norm and voting won’t change it.


Money no longer represents anything of tangible value – Our financial system used to back its currency with precious metals, such as silver and gold. But after we were taken off “the gold standard”, what asset is in place to give money it’s (perceived) value? Nothing. Only the overall agreement between all people involved to continue accepting our currency to pay for debts gives it any potential value. And when you loan out fake money with interest added on, there is no mathematical way to ever pay off that debt.

Taxation is theft – Back when taxes were first invented, they paid for the infrastructure of a new country. Now it’s just a way to enforce servitude upon the people. Every year the federal budget allocates piles of money to all sorts of projects; most of which are futile. Did you get to vote on where your money goes? Is there any way to opt-out of the insanity? Of course not.

Your “God” is imaginary and religion does harm others – Man created the god character to try and invoke something greater than what his own brain could comprehend (at that time). There is zero tangible proof for your deity actually existing. “Faith” is a lie and perpetuating this is brainwashing other people. Making decisions based on your religious views is not always the best way to handle the situation. We are smarter now and we need to act that way.


Some doctors are paid for their loyalty by drug companies – Much like the relationship between a politician and the corporations that give them money, some doctors push drugs because the drug manufacturers give them money. Is that pill really the best way to treat your ailment? Or are you simply a guinea pig so they can get rich?

Our military does not “protect and serve” our country – Since when did our country become the world police? Why do we have military bases all over the planet? Why does our military help protect our business interests in other countries? And the last time our military was actually needed to protect our country (the 9/11 attacks), they were purposefully called back, distracted, and told to stand down. That’s not how any of this is supposed to work.

Capitalism is not the best way to run a country’s economy – We must stop measuring how well the economy is doing by how well rich people are doing. Capitalism *depends* on people working hard and being able to buy stuff, but automation and robots are putting people out of work. If you can’t afford to buy stuff, the economy shrinks. It’s an ever tightening, downward spiral.

Knowledge is power, but cognitive dissonance is king – Whether you are a politician, a clergy member, a doctor, a military leader, an advertiser, or even a mechanic, everyone depends on the other people to NOT know sufficient, critical information about a given subject. Call it “fake news”, call it brainwashing, call it savvy marketing; sometimes people actually work to instill opposing and incorrect ideals in other people. Psychological stress caused by trying to hold 2 or more contradicting ideals makes the brain shut down and many people will make rash decisions just to avoid this stress.


And yet, despite all of these things, here we are. Just think where we (humanity as a whole) could actually be by now if we respected each other and worked together to improve life for all.



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