A few years ago, I was at a “real estate seminar” and I was introduced to the term “Other People’s Money”. As much as I’ve railed in the past regarding money matters, I’ll admit that I was naive when it came to finances in this respect. I had never expected that financial “investors” would be willing to loan *their* money to other people just for the sake of earning a return. But that’s how you get ahead of “the game”, right? You turn yourself into *the bank*, thus YOU control where and how your money works.

Most people work at a job and get paid for their time (hourly employee). The pay schedule is very simple and finite. Pretty straight forward and if you’re lucky, you’ll get some other benefits like health insurance. It’s also very difficult to get ahead.

Some folks have elevated themselves to being paid a salary, which is not tied directly to the number of hours you work. It’s a good deal if you can get all of your tasks done in less than the typical 40 hours per week that most of us work. It’s not so great of a deal if you have more work than time available.

And then you have some jobs that pay an hourly wage, plus a “per diem”, which is a payment that is intended to offset the additional costs involved while living away from your normal home. Sounds like a great way to pay off a new travel camper.

A business owner can write off all sorts of regular expenses as part of his business. He can set his prices at a point that his customers can afford, yet also net him a decent profit. His employees make his money as well as the portion they are paid.

Politicians get paid a salary, plus benefits, plus they can get legal bribes paid to their “campaign fund”. How better to advance one’s life then to have everyone else pay your way?

“Consultant” is a fancy term for someone who is working as a independent provider of a service that they used to do as an employee. Their pay rates are generally higher than a regular employee and somehow they can justify their perceived value to the people/company that hires their “expertise”.

I used to think that the term “non-profit charity” meant that company did not use money. I thought they made an impact through their actions and deeds. But a “non-profit” simply means that after they pay their employees, there is nothing left over. And the easiest way to guarantee that is to pay the top employee (the CEO) a hefty bonus at the end of the year; one lump sum equal to whatever was left in surplus. Ta-Da! No “profit” remaining!


Every government employee is paid with tax money. That’s money that used to belong to someone else until a politician found a way to take it from the citizens and put it in their pockets.

Big businesses pass out money as a way to gain political favors; usually they get a law passed in their favor. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

It’s easy to spend money when it’s not yours. It’s like gambling with the casino’s money; you play big and hope to win even bigger.

Years ago our money system was backed by the value of precious metals, such as gold and silver. The government started to separate our currency as a way to fight off “The Great Depression”, and the separation was completed in 1971 by president Nixon.

So what is our money backed by? Only the promise of our future labor. This means it’s not back by anything tangible. It’s worthless, it’s fake, and it’s value is completely imaginary. Once the people figure this out, they will revolt and the unavoidable financial collapse will arrive. Until then we are all just rolling the dice…..



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