No, I’m not talking about the band by that name, nor am I talking about a passionate embrace, I’m talking about the ideal that so many people seem to overlook…. Keep It Simple Stupid .

How is it that so many people seem to go out of their way to over-complicate so many things that just don’t need to be so complicated? Is it a need to find complexity, while blindly overlooking the obvious?

The comedian Ron White has one bit where he talks about a local paper factory that was stinking up the entire town that he grew up in: “Trees don’t stink, paper doesn’t stink, you’re doing something in the middle to make it stink. STOP THAT.

Here is a perfect example that happened just yesterday:


So when I got home, I got on my wife’s computer, filled out the form on the government’s web site, saved it (yes, as a PDF), printed it, and I was done. All in about 15 minutes. No fuss, no muss, no problems. And no downloading software and/or purchases.

Another good example happened later that night. One of my friends and his wife are looking to move back to the town we live in and they’ve had a tough time finding a suitable house. They have been acting as parents to their grand children and wanted to find a home near us and in our school district. My buddy called to say they made an offer on a place in a nice neighborhood, but on the other side of the freeway. As I’m talking with him on the phone, my wife is whispering in my other ear “They can use our address so the kids can go to school over here“. I had to bite my tongue until I hung up with my buddy, then I let out an emphatic “NO! They have an elementary school 4 blocks away and a middle school 2 blocks away. They can damn well go to school there.”

While it might sound like I’m just nagging about my wife; trust me, I’m not. This type of thing happens all over the world and by so many people. Here’s another example:

Co-worker: “Hey, can you look this up for me?

Me: “You have the same cell phone that I have, so you have just as much computing power at your fingertips.

Co-worker: “Why do you have to be that way??”  (storms away)

Maybe it’s laziness? Maybe they are overwhelmed by all the possibilities? Or maybe they really don’t ‘think’ as much as others do.

Personally, I’m damn tired of being the only one who actively thinks.



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