When the boss employs “new math”….

This is yet another post I started a few years ago, fueled by a job I no longer work at…..


Captain Sunshine knew he had to survive just another 2 years so that he could get his full retirement, but surviving those last 2 years might be the death of him. Over the years, his tyrannical reign over the department made him very few friends, so he had no one to turn to and no favors left to call in.

New tools had been promised for over a decade so dragging this out for another 2 years would blend in like so many blades of grass in a tall field. This would give him just enough “cover” so that no one would keep a critical eye directly on him. His specialty was stirring the corporate pot and then assigning his employees the task of cleaning up the mess. His micro-management techniques earned him a reputation on par with the pointed headed boss in the Dilbert comic strip.

And after his retirement, it would make no difference whether the business succeeded or failed. His stocks were in the parent company, one that had many times moreĀ leverage than the subsidiary that was his employer.

He used everyone below him to fulfill his own needs and when the parent company redefined how they measured “success”, he made sure to redefine the units of measure so that once again, his numbers worked. How else could he get “Exceeds expectations” on his annual review yet everyone in his department got “Does not meet expectations”?


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