Finders keepers

If you find some money in the street, it’s yours to keep, right? A few dollars is OK, but what if you found a LOT of money? How about a bank bag full of money? At what point does your sensibility kick in and tell you “This belongs to someone else”….? If money represents time & labor, then someone’s sweat went into filling that bank bag. Right?

When you buy a house, the title company will run a “title search” to make sure ownership is free & unencumbered by liens or other title issues. How far back do they search? Is it even possible for a previous owner to pop up and cause trouble with your purchase? Can a previous owner make a claim years after their ownership ended?

How is it that when the Europeans “discovered” America, they laid claim to all of the land, even though it was already inhabited by the natives? Easy! they said that their God had lead them here and since the natives did not believe in the European god, they were basically “squatters”, with no rights. England claimed a big chunk, Spain & France did as well. But did anyone ask the native Americans what they thought of owning the land?

This planet belongs to everyone. Fighting over who-owns-what will only lead to our own demise.






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