Exactly how “high tech” is our tech?

Look at the advancements we have made in just the past 200 years….

  • Electricity
  • Land based transportation
  • Air travel
  • Improvements in agriculture & food storage
  • Modern medicine
  • Computers & the internet

And yet, so many people are still stuck in the past, trusting an ancient book written by uneducated people.

Where would we (as humans) be if we did not spend so much of our time on this planet trying to make a buck?

Where would we be if the 138,000 people that were employed to build the first nuclear bomb were instead tasked with space travel?

Let’s assume that intelligent life does exist on at least one other planet. Planet Earth is approximately 4.5 billion (4,500,000,000) years old. And let’s assume that both planets evolve at the same rate, but the other planet started just 1% sooner. That’s 45 million (45,000,000) years of improvements & advancements that we have not gotten to. 45 million years of making life better for everyone. 45 million years of peace & harmony (because quite frankly, if it was 45 million years of wars, intelligent life would not survive that long).

Just think what kind of technology we could have with only a 1% improvement…..



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