Just admit it

A good friend of mine says he’s not a capitalist,  but in truth, he is one of the best I have ever seen.

He’s got a nice house, a beautiful wife, 3 great kids plus he helped raise 3 step-children, he has a thriving business,  and he owns several other properties. Quite frankly, he is one of the HARDEST working people I know.

And that’s the way capitalism wants us to be. Working hard at buying stuff, to keep the money moving (because once money stops moving, it stops working).

And he’s had quite a bit of help through the years. His parents have helped him financially as well as legally. Sure, it’s great having someone watching your back, just don’t rely on your legal staff more than you do a good set of brake pads. And where would he be now if his own father had not been able to help him through the years? Possibly he’d be just another regular guy, working 40 hours per week, wondering where the money all went…

Donald Trump was just a young man when his father gave him a $1million loan to help him ‘get started’ in life. Where would he be now if his father had never been able to make that loan? Just maybe our country would not have a “reality TV star-boss” as its commander in chief and the rest of the world would not be laughing at us. Or maybe, some other wann-be would have stepped into the nation’s top-slot and the world would simply be laughing at that person.

Many people claim that in America everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. Having money (especially cheap or free money) gives an unfair advantage to the person  who has the money. It gives a person ‘leverage’ over others because those without money see it through greedy eyes.

Having money also opens up the possibility of opportunities that otherwise would not exist, and many of them are stupid. When you have money, you tend to spend it more recklessly than if you didn’t have money. It’s like gambling at a casino – when you’re up & playing with the “house’s money”, you tend to bet bigger; but when you’re going broke you tend to play much more conservatively. That’s why casinos have penny machines – to soak every last bit of money you have out of your pockets. Sure, you might win big, but most likely you wont. And if you do, be certain that the house will change the rules of the game so the next guy doesn’t follow in your footsteps.

The government operates (financially) much in the same manner. Everyone wants a lucrative government contract job because they know it pays much better than a regular working job. This is because the government is not playing with it’s own money, it’s playing with the tax payer’s money.

Private capital investors also play “fast & loose”, by funding proposals that otherwise would not make it past the drawing board had anyone stopped and put some basic thought into the idea itself. How many Indiegogo ideas are actual, feasible ideas, that are an improvement over something else; and how many of them are just “junk-ideas”, that serve to merely suck the dollars out of one investor’s pocket and into someone else’s pocket?

And isn’t that the real game that all capitalists are playing? Trying to suck money out of the next guy. Once you have enough money to live a comfortable life, why would any sane person continue to play the game? Greed, ego, and trying to dominate over others are the true driving forces at that point.


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2 Responses to Just admit it

  1. geraldsspot says:

    Once the taste for “a good life” has been caught, it’s hard to be satisfied with more survival. But know this: A good many who have made it to the top now spend their time camping and climbing mountains. The rest are under the illusion the corporate way is enjoying life.

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