If it’s not broke, fix it ’till it is

Peanut butter – good. Jelly – good. Peanut butter & jelly in the same jar – WTF were you thinking?

Whoever thought that replacing the throttle cable in your car with a potentiometer (at the gas pedal) and an electric motor (at the actual throttle blade) ought to be shot.

Plastic car parts, especially those that are subject to engine heat and/or sunlight, should not exist.

What was wrong with having a mostly agricultural economy? It’s not like people don’t like eating. But instead, someone decided we needed to ‘shake things up’ just a little bit. Banks thought it was a good idea to finance both sides of a war. Then the military thought they needed to turn a profit. Then the whole world went sideways…..

I have lamented many times about our economy, the military, and how the government wastes so much of our taxpayer’s money (and in turn, wasting everyone’s time on this planet). So many people are blissfully ignorant that they just accept these things as “normal”, whereas I see these things as a cancer on society, slowly chewing away at it’s host, but not so fast as to kill it outright.

More than 1/2 of the USA federal budget is for the military. We need war because there is no profit margin in peace. How can we make money if everyone was sitting around, happy, and with all the resources they need? We need to stir things up, to cause conflicts; that way we can step in and fix the problem.

What is the actual unemployment rate if you factor in the military and all other social programs that people depend on? Farmers getting paid to NOT grow a crop, Retirees sitting around collecting a pension, welfare recipients, every form of administration from middle management right up through congress & the president. All those people who don’t actually build or produce a product. Every single one of those people are dependent on all of the others who keep working away daily, keeping their nose to the grindstone, keeping the gears and cogs moving.

Wikipedia defines Socialism as:

Yet when the word “Socialism” comes up, people get angry and defensive, trying to equate this term with “Communism“. Yet no one wants to admit that “Capitalism” is just as divisive and cancerous as any other form of society (and in some ways, even more so). Most people don’t want to change capitalism because they believe it’s not broken.

And yet it is.

And that’s another reason why I support a Resource Based Economy.



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