The “game” of capitalism

Games are supposed to be fun, right? When you were a child, didn’t you enjoy playing games, whether it was a board game, or hide & seek inside the house, or even just going outside and playing? Life was simpler then and we actually looked forward to growing up. I remember being 8 years old, standing with my dad in line at the DMV, and feeling anxious because I had to wait another 8 years just to get my own driver’s license. Does anyone actually enjoy going to the DMV now? Of course not. But the DMV is just a small part of a larger “game”, one that everyone plays daily, yet so few actually get to enjoy. Many of us are just tired of being forced to play along.


The game of life is all-encompassing and it is customize-able, meaning you can create a little corner of “the game” with your own rules that benefit *you*, and if the other players (uh,… I mean “people” or “fellow human citizens”) don’t play by your rules, you get to punish them (emotionally, physically, but usually just financially). I’ve said before that this is a the perfect game, but some folks are more adept at playing than others. Don’t hate the player, hate the game….. right?

So what exactly are some of the ways that “the game” sucks us in and keeps us stuck in this never-ending quagmire? Let’s take a cursory look…..


There is a never-ending list of laws that you don’t know about but they do apply to you, and guess what – lawmakers are making thousands of new laws every year! They are literally changing the rules of “the game” while you are playing it. Is that acceptable in any other area of real life outside of capitalism?

Don’t like the rules that you are forced to play by? Corruption exists in many forms and at nearly every level of the game, that is if you can afford to bribe your way out of a sticky situation.

Would any business owner pay their employees double (or triple) of what they are currently paying them? Of course not, that would cut into their profit margin! And capitalism is all about getting more capital (money) than the next person. (Though they are trying to do the same with you)

Capitalism is a reverse-ponzi-scheme, that keeps every player continuously indebted to the game. You (the player) has to keep adding more and more of your efforts (inflation) into the game just to stay in it. Anyone who can “get ahead” of the game is someone who knows which rules to bend in what direction to tip the scales in their favor.

Personally, I’m tired of being forced to play this game. And I’m not alone.





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