I am a mechanic

It’s my job and my passion, I FIX STUFF. And quite frankly, I’m pretty damn good at it. My own parents may have recognized this at an early age, but they did not foster or support me in my quest; I have learned what I know because *I* took the initiative to do so. I have multiple ASE certificates because *I* earned them. I do excellent work on restoring old cars because *I* enjoy doing top-notch work. I like seeing my customers eyes light up when they see their project because it makes *ME* happy that THEY are happy.

And it pains me deeply to see so many people, friends, family and even strangers, that continue to stumble in life, not seeing the “big picture” of what our lives have morphed into over the last hundreds (and thousands) of years. I try as I might to awaken these people, to help them see the wrongs in the world, the inhumanities, the atrocities the continue to plague the planet; but I can not force them to see something that they don’t want to see. They call me crazy or a “conspiracy theorist”. And for a long time, I’ve taken the brunt of their accusations, because I understand that they don’t understand. I can show them the door, but they have to step through it.

And as a mechanic, this bugs the fuck out of me.

I see the world as it really is, I can (mentally) go back in time and see *exactly* where things went wrong, where the path diverged in the wrong direction, where one tiny change made a HUGE difference many years down the road. This is what social engineers do, they put a small idea out there and sit back and watch the world change around them. It’s a painfully slow process, one that sometimes does not bear any fruit within your own lifetime. A process that is the complete opposite of the “instant gratification” world that we currently have. The life of a futurist is not one that many volunteer to have.

As a mechanic, I can make a repair and see the outcome when my task is completed. It’s actually quite simple, especially for a logically minded person, like myself. Many humans are NOT logically minded; they are emotional creatures and are prone to acting upon those emotions quickly, often getting results that are, shall we say, “less then optimal”. Other people know this and they openly exploit this weakness in the human psyche.

And as a mechanic, this bugs the fuck out of me.

Because, try as I might, I can’t fix you.




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