No I didn’t!

There is absolutely, positively, nothing more infuriating than being accused of something that you absolutely, positively know to be untrue. Tonight reminded me of the way children treat other children by accusing them of stupid shit that has to way out other than to pick a fight:

"Do your parents know you're gay?"
"What? I'm not gay!"
"SO you haven't told them? Only a gay person would hide the truth".

It’s an argument that is guaranteed to make one person stupidly happy while the other contemplates physical harm.

And tonight was no different.

I’m reading a story that someone else posted on Facebook and my wife jumps to an (incorrect) conclusion, interrupting me as I am reading. I stop her by saying “NO, that’s NOT what I said” and she replies “Why are you so snippy with me? You’ve been like that all evening“. “No I haven’t” I reply; trying to keep my instant anger from becoming even worse. But I know it’s too late, I can feel the tops of my ears turning red as I re-wind in my head the entire evening, trying to figure out how the fuck I could have been so snippy with someone that I did not exchange 2 sentences with up to that point. So the evening is spent, once again, sitting painfully quiet on the couch writing this post while she …. hell, I don’t know, plays a game on her phone and drinks another drink.

It’s another evening in paradise, or at least what our little corner of it resembles.




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