Technology makes us stupid, part duh…

Technology can be very helpful, at times. Other times, it just adds to the overall stupidity of humans (in general). How many of these do you do? What other things do you do that need to be on this list?

  • It’s over 90 degrees outside, yet instead of letting the wet clothes dry outside naturally, we use an electric (or gas) clothes dryer to dry them, all the while using more natural resources (electricity and/or fossil fuel). Yes, we pay for this stupidity.
  • Don’t forget to put a fabric softener sheet in the dryer! That way the clothes will smell “April fresh”….
  • Instead of drying the pool towels by hanging them on the fence, we wash (with soap!) and run them through the clothes dryer (see above).
  • Plant grass even though it does not naturally grow in this climate. Then water it so it grows. Then cut it down because it’s too long.
  • Put all of our friend’s phone numbers into our “Contacts” list, then forget what their actual phone number is. If we don’t have the phone to refer to, we have no way of calling them.
  • Run the A/C all night because if we open a window, the neighborhood noises are loud enough to wake us up.
  • Many web pages require you to log in with a password. At some point you have to change your password, to keep your log-in secure. And it’s not a good idea to have the same password on many pages, so you end up with several different passwords. To keep track of all these passwords, you put them in a text file…. that may or may not be password protected.
  • The power blinks out for a few minutes, and we feel completely lost. Our minds fill with thoughts of living in caves and cooking over an open fire. A few seconds later, the power comes back on and life as we know it goes back to normal. Gotta post something on  Facebook about the power outage.
  • Don’t forget to reset all of the clocks as soon as the power comes back on. Let’s see…. the alarm clock, the microwave, the TV, the A/C system, the lawn sprinkler system…
  • Bored. Nothing to do. Nothing on TV. 45 years ago my mom would have told me to “go outside and play”. I could read a book….. do I even own a book anymore? Naaah, there’s always a new cat video on Youtube to watch….
  • You do a google search for some related images to use on your latest blog post….. and find nothing suitable.



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