The older I get…..

…. the less I am willing to put up with other people’s stupidity.

It’s one thing, to be young and naive, living life every-which-way, bumbling through life, ever wondering why shit keeps happening to you. Denis Leary put it succinctly: “You’re 18 years old, you don’t know shit about shit, and pull up your pants“. It’s another thing to be a grown adult, who surely has to have learned a few lessons in life, only to blatantly ignore them as if you’ve never heard anything remotely close to them. When you’re young, older people EXPECT you to fuck up. That’s why new employees have a supervisor, someone to watch their every move and smack them when they do something stupid. And *hopefully*, you will learn from the experience and NOT do that again. But if you’re older and still fuck up, especially on simple things, that’s all you my friend. And I’m tired of turning a blind eye, hoping that one day YOU will “wake up” and realize exactly how and where YOU fucked up. It’s a waste of the single most precious resource any of us have – time. And I don’t like wasting resources.


But it seems we have bred several generations of people who lack even the simplest of logic instilled into their heads. The movie “Idiocracy” is slowly coming true, because evolution works in both directions – bad genes can evolve OUT of humanity thus making a stronger gene pool, but the good genes can also be breeded out, thus making an overall weaker gene pool. To quote a Green Day song: “Only stupid people are breeding“.


Will I see a smarter humanity in my lifetime? Highly doubtful. I urge everyone reading this post to prove me wrong. Prove to me (and future generations) that we (humanity) really are the smartest and wisest animals to roam this planet. If an alien happens to stop by, can you give them a good first impression or will they leave only to tell their friends “Don’t even stop for gas on that planet”……


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