Virtual Eugentics

Some folks think that the government is actively trying to reduce the total population. I don’t think they are PURPOSEFULLY doing this, but I do think they are preparing for this to be a side effect of something else.

Some people point at the 1.6 billion (with a “B”) rounds of ammunition and a metric-shit-ton of plastic FEMA caskets and then ask the question – Why would anyone actually NEED these things unless there was a plan in place to use these items? I believe there is no actual *plan*, but instead these items were purchased by the government simply because someone important signed a contract to purchase them because one of their buddies just happened to own the company that produced those products. Yes folks, simple government waste and we allowed it to happen.

But the government is no dummy when it comes to things like this. They are not going to order up these items just to have the sit around and collect dust. Somewhere, some place, is a report that says an entire generation of Americans is going to quickly drop dead and that’s what they are planning for. Is it Zombies on the attack or radiation from Fukushima coming to kill us all? Or just maybe, someone in a Washington think tank recognized a trend that will eventually, have the same outcome as these potential disasters?

To understand the problem I am going to explain, you will have to think about the way the human body and it’s reproductive system works (body mechanics 101); and lots of folks DON’T like thinking about this. When the male body is young and potent, his orgasm  is strong enough to ejaculate at 28 miles per hour. At the same time, the female orgasm works in a “wave” pattern, to draw the male’s ejaculate inward, towards the waiting eggs. That’s how pregnancy happens in the most typical way.

Right about here is where most folks (especially the younger generation) is probably thinking “EWWWW!”and quite frankly I agree – many of us DON’T think about the human body and it’s physiology. No one actively thinks about what sperm & eggs are doing while they are having sex – they are simply enjoying the moment! It’s not until the adrenaline wears off and reality rushes back in when we THINK about what just happened (and what the potential after effects might be!).

And here is where the trend has made a very important paradigm shift that will affect every future generation. Instead of “interacting” with their fellow humans (socially or sexually), more and more young people are engaged with their video games, cellphone, and laptop computers. So many so, that upcoming generations are NOT interacting with other humans to the point where the total number of new born children is dropping. Every day people are becoming more and more disconnected from their fellow human and the separation doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Every day there is a new way to keep us separated from each other.

While this doesn’t sound like a big problem, it’s much bigger than most people can even imagine. An entire generation (or more) of people who are missing out on their prime reproductive years, leaving them to start a family at a much older age. The entire gene pool is slowly increasing in age and decreasing in potency, which means more people will start to die off than there are infants being born to replace those folks.

Capitalism can’t have this! We need to “import” new blood from other countries to keep our economy moving! But that keeps the “legal” folks outraged at the newcomers.

All of these factors (and more) lead to a reduction of total population, and THAT is easier to control. Just ask anyone in control…..




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