Where does one go to escape the insanity?

Hey boss – You’ve currently assigned 9 (count them…  NINE) projects to me, plus all of the additional projects other people give me, plus all of the older projects that have been forgotten. Let’s make an assumption that each of these projects takes only ONE day for me to wrap up, that’s 9 days of work right there. Are you going to leave me alone for NINE days, so I can complete these? Of course you’re not! You have a guaranteed 2 daily meetings scheduled into my calendar, plus several weekly meetings. PLUS we both know damn well that something is going to come up, which is going to preempt progress on these 9 projects. And that’s assuming everything goes RIGHT, which it never does. There WILL be some disaster, some squirrel on fire that just HAS to be put out, some other pet project that gets put on the front burner along with the 9+ other things on the stove.

YOU got hired here because you had 30+ years experience in “management”, yet you constantly pawn tasks off for US to “manage”. I was hired for my technical expertise in the automotive field, yet that’s the one talent that I don’t use at my job. It’s been nearly 2 decades of this and quite frankly, there is zero job satisfaction with what I currently do. ZERO…. NONE…. NADA. Everyday is an adventure only because of the anticipation of who is going to snap first, and hopefully it’s not me. The company has marched forward, loosing good people out of similar frustrations, all the while our products lag behind with an astounding “blarg” each and every quarter. Frankly, I’m amazed we get anything accomplished in any publishing quarter. Considering we are a technology publishing company that specializes in one type of database, we are TERRIBLE at technology, publishing, and databases. There, I’ve openly said it, WE SUCK at what we claim to do and looking at the reviews on http://www.glassdoor.com, it’s really beginning to show.

And it’s not just at work that is this way. How the hell can so much stupidity continue throughout the world? Every day I see examples of complete ignorance of the world around us that I am amazed we (as a species) still continue to exist. Every day, thousands of people starve to death while tons of food goes un-eaten. People die of preventable diseases while pharmaceutical companies charge exorbitant rates for chemical cures while the government outlaws simple herbs. Our “society” has morphed from simple times to an overly complicated world where nearly *everything* is a global chess move.


How will we survive, I don’t know. Many ancient civilizations have come and gone through the sands of time, only to remain one small chapter in a school history book. And it’s quite likely that humans will end up a similar fate, except there won’t be anyone left to write that page in the book. It would seem that with all of the problems in the world today, trying to fix them (as I am doing) is such an strenuous uphill task that I foresee no way to awaken the multitude of people who sleepily continue their lives.

Or maybe they aren’t the problem, maybe it really is *me*.

To this end, I would like to remove myself from modern society. No, I’m NOT suicidal, I simply want to retreat to a quiet corner of the planet where I can live the rest of my life with little interference from society. The daily inputs of mechanized sound, manufactured drama, and continued stupidity. Those are the things I wish to escape from. Some of the sheeple exclaim that I should “like it or leave it!!”, and while this country is the place of my birth, I do often consider renouncing my citizenship, picking up my belongings, and just heading out. But where is one to go? OK Mr. Loudmouth Sheeple, it’s time for you to “put up or shut up”. Please make a suggestion as to where I should go. Just one place in this world that has not been infected by the grip of capitalism, one corner of this planet that has not been infected by your ilk, one country that welcomes free-thinkers.

I’m waiting for your know-it-all suggestion.


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