We are the trees

Laws are written only to restrict privileges to the population. Laws are never removed from the books, they are only added to the existing laws. One court might pass a ruling that overwrites another ruling from another court. This quickly builds a web of overlapping laws, all of which only serve to keep the people under control.

While the federal government seems to be at a stand-still when it comes to passing new laws, the state governments have been quite busy this past year, according to CNN. Everyone has their “pet project” and everyone wants things done their way, but no one ever goes into the laws and does a major hack job, cutting out the dead wood that is still on the books. At what point does all of this become completely pointless, making the people revolt just so they can start over with a clean slate? For America, that point was 1776, and I think that point is coming close again in our very near future.



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