Personal responsibility

If you had someone who absorbed all of your faults, all of your bad choices, all of your sins, would you be a better person or a worse person? Some folks claim that without God looking over their shoulder, they would go off and do horrible things. Those are the people  who really ought to stay in church!

But seriously, think about this for a minute. Bad people do bad things because…. they are bad people! Good morals don’t come from a book (especially one that is chock FULL of horrible things), it comes from an understanding of people and the empathy to understand their lives as if it were your own. You treat people with kindness because you want them to treat you with the same kindness.

It was said that “History is written by the victors” and this point seems quite true when it comes to religion. They have won by convincing their believers in nothing more than a hopeful story. And because of this, their believers *think* they will have a better existence in the afterlife. Some of those folks use this as an excuse out of being a good person in *this* life. Had a bad life? Just find Jesus and you will be saved! Done terrible things? Repent now before it’s too late!

How about this – Do good things for others (even if it does not seem like the best thing for you at the moment) and if you do something bad, deal with it directly! Work to correct the situation, learn from your mistake, and do better the next time around! Where would this world be if we all lived by this simple ideal?

Pay it forward, only because it’s what is right.



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