Ask yourself this….

It is no surprise that humans tend to concentrate their efforts on improving the bad parts of life. That is, in fact, how any creature survives. Think about how far we would be if our ancestors sat around on the open plains basking in the sun’s rays, oblivious of the predators sneaking up behind them. None of us would be here having this discussion.

Another good example comes from my time spent as a professional auto mechanic. Not once would I hear from a car owner who wanted to tell me how wonderfully their car was running that day. Of course not, they are in my shop because they have a problem and they want that problem fixed! And truthfully, that’s why I’m in that business, because I enjoy fixing problems and I happen to be skilled in auto repair. Why doesn’t the car owner fix it themselves? It’s because they don’t know how to.

So think back, many thousands of years ago, when the first inquisitive child asked their parent “Where did I come from?” or “Why are we here?”. The parent wants to give their child an answer, but they don’t have one. Their level of knowledge is extremely low (compared to every future generation) and they fill in the blanks with what little knowledge they do have. Since children (and young minds in general) are open to suggestion and trusting of their elders, they believe whatever story they are told and when they become parents later in life, they parrot the stories that they were told to their own children. This is how fables and mythology are formed. Over the years, through embellishment and subject/content drift, those stories morph into what many of us accept today as gospel. Just think of the children’s game called “phone message”, where the teacher has all of the class sitting in a circle and she gives one child a message. The child is instructed to pass the message onto the next child in the circle, and so on, until the message goes all the way around the circle, back to the teacher; who then notes the message and compares how different it is from the original message she had sent out. Not only is this a fair example of how subject/content drift happens, it’s also a basic example of how genetics & natural selection can change things over time.

So here’s a question that I’d like everyone to consider: Whether you believe in evolution or you believe in creationism – Why to male humans have nipples? If you believe in evolution, you would think that these would be removed from the DNA because they are no longer needed. If you believe in creationism, and God really did make Eve from one of Adam’s ribs, then surely Adam had nipples to begin with. But why?

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