A friend in need is a friend indeed

My ex-wife said one thing that was true, she said “Ya know Bill, you’ll do anything for a friend.” My reply to her was “You’re right, I WILL do anything for a friend, and it’s a damn shame that’s the one thing you and I never were….. just friends.”

Recently, a gentleman named Michael C. Ruppert ended his own life. He was an author, writer, former policeman and whistle blower. He helped so many people in need yet it seems in the end when he really needed someone, he was alone. To some extent, I understand the demons he might have been battling in his head, for I have battled them too. Depression seems to run a heavy hand through my family, mostly on my mother’s side, and when I was a teenager, I had my turn with it. But I learned to recognize it’s symptoms and I learned how to deal with it. Some folks are not as lucky. The difference between “sadness” and “depression” is usually the trigger event and how one deals with those feelings. I believe that Michael did not see any way out of his situation, so he took the exit path, the same path a relative of mine took in 1997.

Although I do not have to deal directly with the loss of Michael, I can sympathize with the friends and family that he left behind, for I have been there, dealing with the aftermath that a suicide brings. And after reading about his recent situation, I learned that one problem that Michael had was a POS car, and THAT’S where I could have helped (because I am a car mechanic). Had I ever met Michael in person, I would have gladly offered to help with his car, because that’s what I do. (Like my ex-wife lamented about) And even though Michael was about 2 hours drive north of me, the distance would not have bothered me, because that’s what I do. I help where I can and how I can.

Would my offer to help repair his car have been enough to shine some hope on Michael’s life? We can only speculate about that. But I do know that having a friend is always better than not having one. Everyone needs more friends.


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  4. Keith Porter says:

    This man sacrificed everything to bring us the truth, he had extensive knowledge on a particular subject, he wrote a book to tell the world what he’d found. He deserved praise and reward from his fellow Americans but we the ignorant ignored his hard work and the powers-that-be made him penniless and shamed him into suicide and now he is all but forgotten. We are all alive in a grave eating dirt and somehow we don’t even miss the sun.

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